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Here is a look at mighty Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range steam operations from the late 1950s to the end of steam operations. This truly rare DM&IR steam footage includes some 1947 footage with mine trains!

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Here is a look at mighty Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range steam operations from the late 1950s to the end of steam operations. This truly rare DM&IR steam footage includes some 1947 footage with mine trains! This is an excellent companion video to GSVP’s “DM&IR Yellowstones” DVD, as this one really covers a variety of steam engines in a variety of locations on the Missabe Road. You’ll see scenes of Proctor Engine terminal as well as Two Harbors terminal. Yellowstones are here, but so are switchers, 2-10-4’s and other vintage steam! This footage is all 16mm film originals shot by Perry Becker of Minnesota. We have also included a few minutes of the nearby shortline Duluth and Northeastern Railway (shot by Maynard Laing during the same period). All of the films have sound added during editing. As with most vintage films there is no audio on the film. However, we used DM&IR audio from 1958-59 visits recorded by Elwin Purington.

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  1. Ricky

    This now 10 year old program features a decent variety of steam in the Midwest. First there is a 1947 visit to the Hibbing Minnesota mine shot by Clarence Becker, as well as a mixed variety in proctor & two harbors. Fast forward to 10 years later in September of 1957, we see some yard work at two harbors & proctor. Such as Bessemer & Lake Erie 2-10-4 715 at the wash down, Union Railroad 0-10-2 #604 switching cars both backwards & forwards, and a static shot of 2-10-4 #700 is shown. Yellowstone #229 is seen at the coal dock heading backwards for the roundhouse to get a wash down, and a spin on the turntable. Sister engine 234 goes underneath the camera crew, plus 229 is going for a rest at the roundhouse. More scenes of 604 are shown as well as some decent action at proctor. B&LE 2-10-4 #708 is getting its side rods cleaned, plus some static shots of Yellowstones, a bird’s eye view of the ore docks, and some movement going on at two harbors, such as Yellowstone 222 in the low light for servicing and pulling the empty ore train between two harbors & Duluth on the loop line. A quickie Of RDC motor car 1 is shown, plus more action at proctor. And also an unidentified Yellowstone is heading for the range on the loop Line. And a quick look at the locomotives waiting for their assignments at the two harbors yard. Yellowstone 226 is going backwards. Plus another bird’s eye view of two harbors is shown and the 1957 visit is concluded with an unidentified 2-10-2 switching in Duluth on many high steel bridges.

    In 1958, a July 5 trip was made as Yellowstone 222 pulls the circle tour starting at Duluth, northeast to two harbors, northwest to biwabik, and also to the iron range, plus heading home to Duluth via proctor. The first photo runby was from Duluth to two harbors. At two harbors we see 604 on display, and see 222 taking water as well. At biwabik, the engine takes water in the tender but with the coaches added. A last operational look at 2-8-2 1305 is shown before going for scrap. Next 222 performs another runby between iron junction & proctor. Finally the excursion concludes with a short ride onboard the train. At proctor, we see future famous surviving locomotive 502 at the turntable.

    In 1959, there wasn’t one but 2 visits were made at the same year. In May, we see Yellowstone 228 at the proctor turntable and roundhouse, plus some early diesels on the Bessemer & Lake Erie hauling freight on the loop line. Next a unique motorcar W56 is shown shuttling employees around the yard. Next we see 228 picking up cars heading for the mines, and see some chasing action at Adolph heading northbound. Plus south of munger, and also near Saginaw, and culver with some decent pacing shots. The next day 228 hauls empties from proctor to culver Minnesota. More early diesels are shown such as the great northern units. The following November, we see a good variety of ore melting action as snow has fallen into the ground. All of the Yellowstones and B&LE 2-10-4s played a big role hauling coal in the winter, as well as shunting ore, plus multiple yard chores at both proctor and two harbors are included as well as some light engine movements.

    As the 1950s transforms into the 1960s, there is a July 3 excursion as 222 operates from Duluth to elli witten Minnesota, via two harbors. Next there was not one but 2 excursions on the same day with 2 Yellowstones which was on July 2nd 1961. The 224 trip on the circle tour was first. Followed by 225’s trip to coal reign as far as Saginaw. The Becker footages were a-ok, and the DM&IR segments were already finished with Everett Rohrer quickies. Finally a visit to the Duluth & northeastern in 1958 & 1959 were shown, as Maynard Laing did some decent filming, while Elwin Purington recorded the sounds.

    Overall this 2007/2008 sequel to the 1999 DM&IR program was excellent and John Edward Hingsbergen did some fine well-detailed narration. This program is not only a great companion to the 1999 DM&IR Video, but also for the other 5 Maynard Laing programs between 1998 & 2000.

    The contact info was reused and recycled from the 1999 DM&IR Video.

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