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The famed “Scenic Line of the World” is shown here in a detailed profile, horizontal scale is 10 miles per inch, vertical scale is 1000 feet per inch. This condensed profile contains a wealth of information: Elevation (DRGW and USGS) rail and ballast information (type and when laid), signal territory (ABS, CTC), locations of spring switches and wyes, turntables (and their length) and other facilities (mail cranes, microwave towers, water stations and much more). The profile shows maximum grades and maximum curvature for sections of track and notes physical features such as rivers and lists the history of the line, when built and when abandoned and track torn up. The condensed profile does have some elements of a track chart such as rail weight, location of second track and signal territory, but does not have traditional track chart notes such as point of curvature and signal location.

This is a scan of an original DRGW document. This profile is updated to 1963, it is 33 pages. While a lot of information is presented in a small amount of space, it is pretty easy to read. Track segments included are: Denver to Ogden, Pueblo to Denver (Including joint ATSF trackage), Walsenburg to Trinidad and these branches: Aspen, Bingham, California Gulch, Craig, Dalton and Lark, Energy Spur, Farmington, Fort Logan, Garfield Branch Extension, Goshen Valley, Kenilworth, Leadville, Little Cottonwood, Loma, Manitou, Marysville, Monarch, Moroni Spur, North Fork, Orem, Potash Spur, Pleasant Valley, Provo Canyon, Ridgway (including abandoned line to Ouray), Silverton, Spring Canyon, Sugar House Spur, Sunnyside, Tintic, and Trinidad-Jansen. This condensed profile includes a map showing the DRGW and connections, a map of divisions and line segments, a key, and a four page supplement listing abandoned lines with a MAP showing those lines. Note: There is no page 16, it is not missing, apparently that page showed the long abandoned lines through the Gunnison area and was left out of this profile by the DRGW.

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