Deep Rock Railroad, An Animated Model Railroad

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The Deep Rock Railroad is a concentrated layout overflowing with hot train action and animation of all sorts. There are steam engines, diesels, trolley cars, long trains, short trains, passenger trains, and freight trains!

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This railroad has up to three different engines running at the same time. In addition, there are moving trucks, boats, and clowns. Oh and the clowns are all insane, and hot to prove it. They jump off mountains and even get run over by trains, but somehow they always walk away unscathed and come right back for more! And there are REAL train sounds! We bet you’ve never seen a DVD like this with an N-scale roller coaster made with N-scale Atlas flex track. The cars go so fast it’s almost hard to see them. There are REAL roller coaster sounds and real roller coaster thrills, wait until you see how fast they whip around those curves! The Cloud Scraper roller coaster is actually 480 scale feet tall, and it has a working motorized chain-link lift mechanism. See it to believe it! The Deep Rock Railroad is an entertaining, fun look at a model railroad (Plus a Working Roller Coaster!)

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