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Here are the former Conrail, now CSX lines radiating from Albany and Selkirk Yard:

**) The Boston Line from CP Cove (Boston, MP 1) to CP SM (MP 191.8, Albany) at the junction with the Selkirk Branch. Showing all mileposts, county lines, signals, and rough detail of small towns the line passes through.
**) The Chicago Line from Albany to Buffalo: CP 143, Albany-Rensselaer, to CP 437, Buffalo, at the junction with the Niagara Branch.
**) The Albany area lines: Selkirk Branch, West Shore Industrial, Carmen Branch and the Albany Secondary, includes Selkirk Yard and the Selkirk Auto Terminal.

These are not track charts, they do not have engineering details such as profile and degree of curvature. These are line maps showing the railroad and its surroundings.

Railroad-served industries are called out by name and all sidings are noted. A wealth of detail about this line. Signals are called out along with information about the signals. Includes significant yards like Frontier Yard, Seneca Yard, Stock Yard, Oak Island Yard, South Kearney, North Bergen, Croxton Yard, Selkirk Yard, Pittsfield Yard, Palmer Yard, Westboro Yard, West Springfield Yard, Framingham Yard Auto Terminal, CP Yard, and Beacon Park Yard.

This is a scan of a railroad issued scan. Updated to 1998-1999. 241 pages. Note: The original had some page edges and page numbers slightly cut off, and so does this scan. (The railroad isn’t the best at photocopying.) Some copier ‘banding’ is evident at the top of some pages. Some markings about signals and MPH, made by an engineer, are on some pages.

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