C&O System Track Chart 1984


The C&O was, by 1984, a part of the larger Chessie System along with the B&O and Western Maryland, but the C&O still maintained much independence. 448 pages.

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The C&O was, by 1984, a part of the larger Chessie System along with the B&O and Western Maryland, but the C&O still maintained much independence. Even so, this has to be one of the last Chesapeake and Ohio Railway track charts as the C&O officially disappeared in 1987 into a new railroad as CSX, and its new look, took over. While this track chart shows the C&O as it was in 1984, there are some gaps in what you might expect as some C&O track had been abandoned by this time in favor of B&O track. That is most noticeable in the Cincinnati and Toledo areas. The five divisions included are: West Virginia, Virginia (Tidewater to WVA), Michigan (former Pere Marquette), Ohio (Russell, Kentucky to Toledo) and the Western Business Unit (Cincinnati across Indiana toward Chicago).

The Virginia Division covers a lot of ground including one of the oldest sections of the railroad, the Piedmont Sub. The Virginia Division is a consolidation of older smaller divisions like the Clifton Forge and Richmond Divisions.

The West Virginia Division spans the economic heartland of the C&O. Here are the vast coal fields that filled so many trains for the C&O. Many of the subdivisions listed below are really nothing more than short coal branches. The West Virginia Division is a new division for the C&O that brought together three former divisions: two historic West Virginia divisions, the Hinton and Huntington Divisions, and the C&O’s Kentucky lines in the former Ashland-Russell Division. On a map the mainline begins at Hinton and generally follows the New River, the Kanawha River and then the Ohio River and then crosses into Kentucky and onto Lexington. All along the main large and small subdivisions break off to gather that coal.

The Michigan Division is essentially the old Pere Marquette U.S. operations and so covers all of Michigan with just a dip down into Ohio to pick up Toledo and a few miles into Indiana through Michigan City down to Porter. Significant lines that are gone by this time include Elmdale, Paw-Paw, Petoskey, Port Huron and Remus. However, much remains (see below) and is covered by this track chart/condensed profile.

The Ohio Division and Western Business Unit covers two of the C&O’s most important lines in the west. The line from the Ohio River through Columbus to Toledo and the line from the Ohio River through Cincinnati to Chicago. This is what’s left of these C&O lines as track was retired or was abandoned in favor of B&O lines in the area. In 1984 these were the C&O tracks in the Ohio Division and the Western Division. These lines are better known by their historical names such as the Hocking Division, the Russell Subdivision and the Cincinnati and Chicago Division.

This is a scan of an original C&O track chart. This track chart is a computer generated/hand drawn combination direct from the C&O Office of Transportation Planning. Included is a key and a contents of the included lines. Because this book was designed to add and subtract pages as track came and went, and because it represents one railroad in the larger Chessie System, the pages, while in numerical order,, have ‘gaps’ in the page count. Pages are counted from page 1 all the way to 521, but only 448 pages are included. It is however complete as intended as all C&O trackage in action in 1984 is shown.

Virginia Division lines covered in this track chart: * Peninsula Sub (Hampton Roads to Rivanna Jct.), * Rivann1 Sub (Rivanna Jct. to Gladstone Yard), * James River Sub (Gladstone Yard to JD Cabin), * NN&NT Sub (Newport News & Norfolk Terminal), * Piedmont Sub (Rivanna Junction to Gordonsville), * Washington Sub (Orange to Charlottesville), * Mountain Sub (East Charlottesville to Clifton Forge), * Alleghany Sub (Clifton Forge to MX Cabin). Also included are these detail maps:* Newport News Yards, * Newport News Hump Yard, * Fulton Yards, * 17th Street Yards, * Gladstone Yards, * Lynchburg Yard, * Balcony Falls, * Charlottesville, * Waynesboro, * Staunton, * Craigsville, * Covington, * Clifton Forge Yards, * White Sulfur Springs, * Snowflake, * and Ronceverte Yards.

West Virginia Division lines covered in this track chart: * Bandmill Sub, * Barrett Sub, * Beaver Creek Sub, * Beech Creek Sub, * Big Clear Creek Sub, * Big Coal Sub (Sproul to Elk Run Junction and Jarrolds Valley), * Big March Fork Sub, * Big Sandy Sub (Big Sandy Junction to Elkhorn City), * Brush Creek Sub, * Buffalo Sub, * Cabin Creek Sub, * Clear Creek Sub, * Coal River Sub (St. Albans to Sharples), * Coal Run Sub, * Dawkins Sub (Dawkins to MP 39.8), * Dingess Run Sub, * E&BV Sub (Beaver Junction to L&N), * Elk Sub, * Elk Creek Sub, * Elk Run Branch, * G&E Sub, * Gauley Sub, * Gilbert Sub, * Glen Jean Sub, * Hominy Creek Sub, * Island Creek Sub, * Jarrolds Valley Sub, * Johns Creek Sub, * Jones Fork Spur, * Kanawha Sub (Handley to RU Tower), * Kayford Sub, * Kelly Sub, * Landisburg Sub, * Laurel Creek Sub, * Laurel Fork Sub, * Leewood Sub, * Levisa Spur, * Lexington Sub (Ashland to Lexington), * Little Creek Spur, * Little Marsh Fork Sub, * Logan Sub (Barboursville to Wylo), * Logan & Southern Sub, * Long Fork Sub, * Loop Creek Sub, * Marrowbone Sub, * Middle Creek Sub, * Mill Creek Sub, * Mud Fork Sub, * New River Sub (MX Cabin to Handley), * Open Fork Sub, * Paint Creek Sub, * Peaser Branch, * Pine Creek Sub, * Piney Creek Sub (Prince to Glen Daniels Junction), * Piney River and Paint Creek Sub, * Pond Fork Sub, * Powellton Sub, * RSW&WG Sub, * Republic Sub, * Rich Creek Sub, * Right Fork Sub, * Road Creek Sub, * Robinson Creek Sub, * Rock House Sub, * Rum Creek Sub, * Rupert Sub, * Russell Sub, * Saunders Sub, * Scary Spur Sub, * Seng Creek Spur, * Sewell Valley Sub (Meadow Creek to Swiss), * Snap Creek Sub, * Stephens Sub, * Stirrat Sub, * Surveyor Spur, * SV&E Sub (Shelby to Dunham), * Trace Fork Sub, * West Fork Sub, * White Oak Sub, * Whitman Creek Sub, and * Winns Industrial. Also included are these small yard detail maps:* Hominy Creek Junction, * Peaser Junction, * Quinnimont, * Sugar Creek Junction, and * Stirrat.

Michigan Division lines covered in this track chart: * Bad Axe Sub (Saginaw to Croswell), * Baldwin Sub (Comstock Park to Baldwin), * Bay City Sub (Saginaw to Bay City), * Chicago Sub (Lamar to Porter), * Detroit Sub, * Grand Rapids Terminal, * Hamilton Sub (Hamilton to Holland), * Harbor Beach Sub (Palms to Harbor Beach), * Hart Sub (North Yard to Whitehall), * La Crosse Sub (Wellsboro to New Buffalo), * Ludington Sub (Mershon to Lake Michigan (at Ludington)), * Montague Sub (Waverly to North Yard (Muskegon)), * Plymouth Sub (Beck to Seymour), * Port Austin Sub (Bad Axe to Kinde), * Toledo Sub (Wixom to Erie), * Wixom Sub (Hoyt to Wixom).

Ohio Division and Western Division (WBU) lines covered in this track chart: * Armitage Sub (Oldtown to Diamond), * Athens Sub (Mosel to Oldtown), * Cincinnati Sub (NJ Cabin to CS Cabin), * Cincinnati Terminal Sub (CS Cabin to B&O Junction), * Decoursey Sub (KC Junction to Lamb), * Northern Sub (RJ Cabin to NJ Cabin to CH Cabin), * Columbus Sub (CH Cabin to VR Tower), * Toledo Terminal Sub (VR Tower to Rockwell), * Toledo Terminal Railroad, * Pomeroy Sub (Clarion to Hobson Yard), * Miami Sub (Fernald to Peru), * Wabash Sub (Peru To Malden), * Wabash Sub (LaCrosse to Wellsboro).