C&O Michigan Division Track Chart 1984


The C&O in Michigan was the former Pere Marquette Railway. 103 pages.

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The C&O in Michigan was the former Pere Marquette Railway. The C&O bought into the PM in the 20s and the line immediately contributed to corporate profits and helped smooth out some of the bumps in the coal business with the PM’s auto industry traffic. The PM was merged into the C&O in 1947. The C&O itself was, by 1984, a part of the larger Chessie System but still maintained its independence, although not for long. This has to be one of the last Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad track charts as the C&O officially disappeared into CSX in 1987 and a new look took over. It was in the 80’s that the C&O started to cut back on trackage in Michigan and such great PM lines like the run to Petoskey are listed as retired and do not show in this track chart, but nearly 1,000 miles of the PM remains in this C&O track chart. The Michigan Division is essentially the old Pere Marquette U.S. operations and so covers all of Michigan with just a dip down into Ohio to pick up Toledo and a few miles into Indiana through Michigan City down to Porter. Significant lines that are gone by this time include Elmdale, Paw-Paw, Petoskey, Port Huron and Remus. However, much remains (see below) and is covered by this track chart/condensed profile.

This is a scan of an original C&O track chart. This track chart was computer generated for the C&O Office of Transportation Planning. Included is a key and a contents of the included lines.

Covered in this track chart:* Bad Axe Sub (Saginaw to Croswell), * Baldwin Sub (Comstock Park to Baldwin), * Bay City Sub (Saginaw to Bay City), * Chicago Sub (Lamar to Porter), * Detroit Sub, * Grand Rapids Terminal, * Hamilton Sub (Hamilton to Holland), * Harbor Beach Sub (Palms to Harbor Beach), * Hart Sub (North Yard to Whitehall), * La Crosse Sub (Wellsboro to New Buffalo), * Ludington Sub (Mershon to Lake Michigan (at Ludington)), * Montague Sub (Waverly to North Yard (Muskegon)), * Plymouth Sub (Beck to Seymour), * Port Austin Sub (Bad Axe to Kinde), * Toledo Sub (Wixom to Erie), * Wixom Sub (Hoyt to Wixom).