C&O Elkhorn City to Cincinnati track chart 1983


Big Sandy and Russell Subs and Queensgate in 1983. 37 pages.

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Big Sandy and Russell Subs and Queensgate in 1983. The Chessie System’s (old C&O) main line from Elkhorn City (and the Clinchfield) to Cincinnati and the newly built Queensgate Yard. The main line along the Ohio River was built in 1880. This track chart includes some nice yard maps, including Queensgate. This is the line from Elkhorn City through Ashland then South Portsmouth (Kentucky) to Covington and across the river into Queensgate.

This is a scan of an original track chart. It is unusual in that it shows a full main line run rather than the usual track chart that is broken down by division or subdivision. It may have been issued not to maintenance forces but to trainmen working this line. This is mainline only, showing no branches at all. Queensgate and this line continue to carry traffic for CSX. This revised to 1983 track chart, in 37 pages, shows the Main Line from Elkhorn City to Cincinnati (no branches). It includes the entire Big Sandy Sub main, the Russell Sub and parts of the Cincinnati and Kanawha subs.