China Steam Spectacular

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Imagine thousands of steam locomotives in everyday use, rolling through lands of stunning beauty. That was steam railroading in China in 2001 when this exciting documentary was filmed.

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Imagine thousands of steam locomotives in everyday use, rolling through lands of stunning beauty. That was steam railroading in China in 2001 when this exciting documentary was filmed. Much of it is hauntingly similar to the American railroads of the 1930s-1950s. All of it is fascinating. Join our tour of six unique sites and see why steam in China may be the greatest railroad show on earth! We begin on legendary Jing Peng Pass with its 40 miles of tunnels, 2% ruling grade, horseshoe curves, and spiral bridges entirely serviced by double-headed 2-10-2 QJ class locomotives.

Next we take you to Daban where the entire fleet of 100 QJ’s are serviced. Their resemblance to Union Pacific or NYC locomotives, with smoke box deflectors, Boxpok driving wheels, and large smokebox-mounted headlights, is remarkable. In the coal mining region of Tiefa, a fleet of thirty 2-8-2 SY class locomotives pull fast commuter trains with amazing frequency. Our camera catches the action there near a busy double diamond junction.

The Dahiuchang Limestone Quarry near Beijing is an enchanting narrow gauge steam line where we’ll view endless strings of tiny ore cars pulled by miniature locomotives. At Anshan, we are granted rare access into one of the world’s largest steel mills. It operates its own fleet of forty 2-8-2’s and the activity level is incredible. Finally, we’ll witness the awesome brute strength of three 2-8-2’s straining full throttle up the 3-1/2 percent grade to the Chengde steel mill complex. This line has it all: steep curves, rock cuts, narrow tunnels, and terrific rural scenery. Experience the wonder of it all in China Steam Spectacular!

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5 reviews for China Steam Spectacular

  1. Mwdonoughue

    This program showcases Chinese steam operations that were filmed in 2001. Included on this DVD are:
    – QJ-class 2-10-2’s on Inner Mongolia’s Jing Peng Pass and undergoing servicing and repairs at the Daban Locomotive Works
    – SY-class 2-8-2’s pulling commuter trains in the Tiefa coal mining region, switching at the Anshan Steelworks, and tripleheading with JS-class 2-8-2’s up the 3.5% grade to the Chengde Steelworks
    – Narrow gauge steam locomotives working the line to and from the Dahiuchang Limestone Quarry, near Beijing.

    This program is chocked full.of surprises, such as a QJ on passenger trains, to the trains that pass through the city of Chengde.

  2. david holland

    this pentrex dvd is a rare treat for everyone. china steam operations lasted until the end of 2005 as diesels took over. pentrex caught the last days of steam in china before the steam operations end there. in this wonderful dvd you will see steam operations serving steel industrys, coal mines, passenger and commuter trains, and so much more. you will also see how they worked on the steam engines including the qj types. there is more to this video then i can explain. it is worth a watch. i love this dvd. glad i ordered it from railfan depot

  3. T.A.R.


  4. Ben

    We see a variety of Chinese steam. QJs climbing Jing Peng Pass, SY commuter trains of Tiefa, narrow gauge steam at the Dahiuchang Limestone Quarry, mikados at the Anshan steel mills, and finally three mikados straining to bring trains up the 3.5% grade at Chengde Stell Mill.

  5. rrvideoman, Delisle Saskatchewan

    What year is it – 1931, 1951, or 2001? Live active Steam engines, pulling heavy loads of freight and Steam passenger operations. It’s all found in this very interesting video production. The rail line itself is quite modern, but that is where modern stops. Long sweeping bridges and grades, S-curves, mountainous landscape and people who live a little differently than we know in North America. Watch as “track inspections” are done on foot. Crossing gates and cross-overs are manually operated. Special note was the ride on a passenger train. Having seen this would forever make a person really appreciate America’s Amtrak and VIA Rail Canada. In the urban areas, bycicles are every where, but in the rural areas it’s primarily horse and cart. Automoblies are not plentiful. The roads are quiet, and rough. Homes and villages are a little less modern than we are used to. The video is full of surprises for the un-expected. Coal is King and for the enviromentalist, pollution is as normal as air itself. Health and Safety of the workers appears to be of little concern. Yet the people appeared to be happy, and curious of the tourists. The Steel Mill: 50,000 workers in one mill. 40 engines serving it. Quite amaizing indeed. A very interesing video that you will watch many times over. Very pleased that I purchased it. Only real disappointment was the colour of the landscape. The video is made in late March, and as a result the landscape has not yet started to green up in colour. Enjoy.

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