Chicago North Western System track charts


Three CNW track charts from 1992, together they cover the entire railroad. Over 900 pages.

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Here is the Chicago NorthWestern in 1992. The CNW Regional Engineer East Territory covers CNW lines in Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota and then Nebraska and into Wyoming. The Regional Engineer West Territory covers Iowa, Missouri and southern Minnesota. The Suburban Territory covers the Chicago Commuter district in Illinois and Wisconsin. All three track charts are from 1992 and together they cover the entire CNW as it existed at that time. This is a scan of three original Chicago North Western track charts. Track charts are 8.5 x 11, three-hole punched and placed in a pressboard report cover. The scan above is an example of a track chart page, below is an example of one of the many yard and area maps. Included with each track chart is a key, an index and a list of stations. A track chart shows every mile of track including curvature, signals, tunnels, grade (profile) and more.