Chessie Sand Patch, Part 1

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Historic Sand Patch grade and Sand Patch Tunnel on the former B&O in 1978. We’ll follow the Chessie’s varied freight trains as they battle their way from Cumberland up the east slope and then down the west slope.

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The historic Sand Patch grade and Sand Patch Tunnel on the former B&O Pittsburgh division draws railfans on a regular basis. Climbing north and west from Cumberland, Maryland the line travels 100 miles of grades and curves over the Allegheny Mountains to Pittsburgh.

It is one of the steepest railroad grades in the East Coast, ascending more than 1,000 feet in elevation in about 20 miles from Hyndman, PA to the summit of the Allegheny Mountains.

Near the summit is the well known Sand patch Tunnel. Construction on the original Sand Patch Tunnel began in 1854. It was rebuilt in 1871 and was expanded to accommodate two tracks in 1914. The tunnel is 4,475 feet long. This ex-B&O line became part of the Chessie System in 1972 when the Chesapeake & Ohio, Baltimore & Ohio, and Western Maryland railroads all came under common management.

We’ll follow the Chessie’s varied freight trains as they battle their way from Cumberland, MD up the east slope to the Summit and down the west slope to Rockport, PA and back in June of 1978 with Jonathan Reck and friends. Popular locations include Cumberland, Hyndman, Mance, Sand Patch Tunnel, Keystone, Salisbury Viaduct, Yoders and Rockwood.

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2 reviews for Chessie Sand Patch, Part 1

  1. M

    Before I even put the DVD in, I held my expectations low as I had never bought a train DVD outside of Pentrex. The movie starts out with a bit of narration explaining the location of Sand Patch. The narration only lasts for maybe 2 minutes and then it is train after train from that point on. This movie doesn’t try to get artsy with the trains and try to set the mood or ad a bit of drama or emotion through narration, no it is down and to the point. Best of all any emotion or feeling you get from this video is from the video itself capturing these employees as they worked, or from the well preserved footage and sound captured as the trains pass. I thought the lack of narration would become a negative but after a few minutes of these trains passing by you forget about it. If you are on the fence about this DVD or have only watched Pentrex DVD’s this movie its well worth the asking price. It’s not a perfect DVD for sure but the footage is very unique and it shows off Chessie System beautifully. However the one issue I do have with this DVD is that the disc it was recorded onto doesn’t work on newer players. It must be played in an older DVD player or PC. I will be purchasing Sand Patch 2 because I enjoyed this one so much.

  2. Andrew Weise

    This was the first video I purchased from JPM. The first thing I noticed is the video quality.The video quality for the period is outstanding, clear, colorful, and sharp. The shooting angles were excellent, if you are like me the angles really make the video. I certainly recommend this video to Chessie fans.

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