Central of Georgia Diesel Locomotive Diagrams


Builders include: EMC, EMD, ALCo, BLW, FM. 28 pages, 24 C of G Diesel diagrams, with build dates from 1939 to 1955.

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In 1955 the C of G had 130 diesels on the property, they were classed by their function: DS for Diesel Switcher, DP for Diesel Passenger and DF for Diesel Freight. An interesting way to classify diesels. Possibly a hold-over from the old steam classes. Locomotives included in this diagram book:
* EMC SW-1, * ALCo 660 HP Switcher, * BLW DE-5, * EMC NW-2, * BLW DE-9, * BLW 1000 HP Switcher, * FM 1500 HP Road Locomotive, * EMD GP-7, * ALCo-GE 404-DL, * ALCo RS-3, * EMD SD-9, * EMC SW-9, * BLW S-12, * FM H12-44, * EMD F-3, * EMD E-7, and * EMD E-8.

This is a scan of an original Central of Georgia Diesel Locomotive Diagram Book . 28 pages. 4 index pages, 24 diagrams. Updated to 1955. 8.5 x 11 paper.

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