C&EI Track Chart Complete System


This is the complete C&EI system, circa 1960.

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This is the complete C&EI system, circa 1960. The different track charts that make up this system track chart are dated between 1952 and mid 60’s. The trackage covered by the three main lines and five branch line track charts cover the C&EI as it existed in 1960.

Covered in this system track chart are these track charts:
1) The Evansville Line: Evansville to Chicago
2) The St. Louis Line: Woodland Junction to St. Louis
3) The Thebes Line: Findlay Junction to Thebes/Illmo
4) Danville Jct. to Villa Grove
5) Rossville to Sidell Jct
6) Joppa Jct. to Joppa
7) Cissna Jct to Cissna Park, Rossville Jct to Judyville, OC Jct to Brazil
8) Mt. Vernon Jct to Mt. Vernon, Evansville Belt, Evansville Union

This is a scan of an original Chicago & Eastern Illinois Track Chart, Woodland Jct to St. Louis. Updated to 1952, 1960, circa 1964. Entire track chart circa 1960. 128 11×17 pages. The original C&EI track charts were fanfold, in order to keep the same size/readability as the original, this is scanned as 11 by 17 inch pages.