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Wild Rose Productions, in the late 1980s, produced three exceptional films that explored the challenges of railroading in western Canada and the motive power that tackled them. Here are all three on one DVD.

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In the late 1980s, Wild Rose Productions produced three exceptional films that explored the challenges of railroading in western Canada and the motive power that tackled them. Pentrex later released these shows as individual VHS videos. Now you can enjoy all three of these videos on one combo DVD. Included here are:

Continental Divide, A Winter’s Journey Ride across the Continental Divide on Via Rail’s famous Canadian. These were the last days of Via Rail’s veteran FP9 diesel locomotives. You’ll witness the FP9s in mainline duty during the winter months, when spectacular snowscapes flanked the tracks, and also during the early summer when soft green replaced winter’s whiteness. Enjoy a cab ride in an F40PH-2 and see the mainline from the engineer’s perspective. You’re in for great train action, fantastic scenery, informative narration, and the rumble and roar of locomotives in the Rockies!

SD40-2s in the Canadian Rockies In this action filled video, you’ll learn why GM’s SD40-2 became the ideal workhorse for Canadian Pacific’s route across the Rockies. Climb aboard an SD40-2 for a look under the hood and inside the cab. Then go trackside to catch the bright red engines on Rogers and Kicking Horse Passes. The 2.2% grades of the old Rogers Pass route really put the SD40-2 to the test. You’ll also see cabooses and helper locomotives on many of the trains. The SD40-2 set the pace for railroading in the Rockies and it’s captured here for your viewing pleasure!

Warehouse on Wheels Operations of a Rail Yard: CP Rail’s Alyth Yard Travel to CP Rail’s Class 1 facility at Alyth, Calgary in 1986 for an in-depth look at its daily operations. You’ll go inside the shops to see repairs in progress and watch as the locomotives are refueled and put through giant washing stalls. You’ll see how the hump and two retarder rails help sort cars onto 48 different classification tracks, and how switchers compile trains for new destinations. This video treats you to many rare views of what it takes to move goods by rail!

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5 reviews for Canadian Trio

  1. Carl M Guzowsky

    This is the worst video I’ve gotten from Pentrex. Only the episode on the SD-40 will play. The first cut, Continental Divide, A Winter’s Journey is unwatchable. It keeps freezing and skipping. The third cut, Warehouse on Rails will not play at all. The cut of the SD-40’s was very good. Overall a waste of money on this one.

  2. Lloyd

    Gotta love this one…. a 3 in one deal. Going back over 30 years to the glory days when the Canadian ran on the CPR. SD40-2’s ruled the power on the CPR. Great action through the heart of Rogers & Kicking Horse Pass. Finishing in Calgary at the huge Alyth Yard to see an indepth look at the operations. Nearly 35 years has passed, so the historical part of this is excellent.

  3. rickyfreni

    For those of you who didn’t know about this combo, The continental divide was a full hour from 1987, SD40-2s in the Canadian Rockies was from 1985, and warehouse on wheels that for some reason is been named to warehouse on rails in the main menu is from 1986. While these 80s shows are interesting to watch especially the synthesized music, you’ll have to watch all of them like they were on separate VHS tapes unfortunately. If you love Canadian railroading in the 80s, then I guess this would be for you to enjoy.

  4. Alan Ross

    Originally from Wild Rose Productions from the 1980’s, this Dvd is about the 3 films they made about the challenges of railroading in Western Canada. Parts of the movie show the maintenance of the equipment in the warehouse on wheels. The SD40-2 part is fantastic. All in all a great movie for the money.

  5. Dylan Jones

    All three films are awesome. My personal favorite is “Warehouse on Wheels” shows the daily activities that CPR goes through in the maintenance of equipment and the building and making up of a train for it’s departure. The SD40-2 film is also great, shows that the SD40-2 moved North America and CPR had some unique features on their units that really made them stand out against the others. Highly Recommend.

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