Canadian Pacific 2839 A Royal Farewell, Part 2

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Part two covers The Independence Limited in 1979, plus trips from Lexington, Kentucky in 1980, as well as the “Farewell to 2839′ excursions in November of 1980.

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“Farewell to 2839” excursions ran in November of 1980 and we the action. This was the swan song for 2839’s mainline excursion tenure, and the engine would not disappoint.

Part 2 of this two-parter includes the rare mileage “Independence Limited” operated by the Roanoke Chapter NRHS. This trip originated in Lexington, Kentucky, and traveled the Chesapeake and Ohio to Ashland, Kentucky. We then see some shots on the Clinchfield as it travels through portions of Virginia, and Tennessee and follow it as far as Newport, Tennessee. We get to see 2839 on a roundtrip from Lexington south to Oneida, Tennessee into portions of the “Rat Hole” line.

We catch a few nice scenes including upgrade at Kings Mountain, and some fast running a couple of times. Then there was the “Farewell to 2839” two-day excursion operated from Atlanta to Alexandra retracing its original run of 1979.

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2 reviews for Canadian Pacific 2839 A Royal Farewell, Part 2

  1. Mwdonoughue

    This program showcases the final trips performed by 2839 for the Southern Railway. In 1979, the ‘Royal Hudson’ pulls the Independence Limited from Lexington, KY to Greensboro, NC. This included some running on the C&O and Clinchfield. In 1980, 2839 operates a pair of short trips from Lexington to Danville, KY, which has the engine pulling the train tender-first back to Lexington. Then, the engine pulls an excursion through the ‘Rathole’ to Oneida, TN. Finally, the engine pulls a ‘Farewell to 2839’ trip from Birmingham, AL to Alexandria, VA, which retraces the steps of the first run in 1979.

  2. Ricky

    In part 2, 2839 operates on the 1979 independence limited starting with the now abandoned Lexington to Ashland Kentucky on America’s 203rd birthday which was the Fourth of July 1979. During a photo run by east of Mt. Sterling, the farmer’s cows were startled and distracted by the engine’s chugging effect as it picks up passengers. 2 diesels help the engine at a step 2.66% grade. The following day July 5, Amtrak’s Westbound Cardinal makes an appearance at Clyffeside KY. The F40PH units on Amtrak are sadly a thing of the past, as well as the paint scheme on that train. However 2839 operates the southbound journey from Ashland to Johnson City, TN on both C&O as well as the Clinchfield railroad. Today both of the fallen flags are still owned by CSX. Throughout the chase for day 2, Greg and the boys would have to encounter tight obstacles such as Small tunnel near BU cabin north of paintsville for example. Some young men were shown in the program such as Ken Stewart making sandwiches for the boys. One of my favorite scenes in this program, is when 2839 rumbles through Sykes mill tunnel at Rush, VA as it is now on clinchfield tracks whistling out of the tunnel, and exiting Perkins & entering Rhinehart at Clincho. Plus the abandoned coal mine at Trammel. On day 3 of the chase, 2839 heads for Asheville, NC. Greg and the boys would film the limited as far as Newport, TN. The final 2 scenes of the engine’s 1979 season would be whistling at Douglas Lake near Leadvale, as well as street running in Newport as local residents witnessed the smoking giant rolling slowly. As the 1970s transforms into the 1980s, 2839 operates on the Short Lexington to Danville trips on Saturday June 21, 1980. Greg was onboard the first round trip to Danville, and did some trackside chases on the second run. Eventually the high bridge was interesting, as well as 2839 pulling the short trips tender first. The engine would operate alone with no help from the water car and/or a diesel. Speaking of tender first a couple scenes inside the open air observation car was also included. The following Sunday June 22, 1980, 2839 would have to operate on the all day journey from Lexington to Oneida KY through the Rathole. One highlight in this trip, was at the location of the hot spot of burnside bridge. For Railfans sometimes you win when the regular freight stops to let the steam special go by, and sometimes you lose when the freight blocked the view of the special as only smoke coming out of the funnel is shown as well as the sounds of the locomotive. All good things must come to an end even for 2 short years as 2839 operates the farewell trips from Birmingham (Greg starts chasing east of Atlanta, to Alexandria, VA not far from our nation’s capital. The map in the background was a zoomed in image from 3 out of 4 America by rail Videos. Once the long one way journey is finished, it is indeed a royal farewell for a CP Hudson. This one as well as part one will not only become your favorite GSVP programs, but it’ll take you back in time to what Greg shot before his soon to be 35 year old business was formed.

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