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This is the Canadian National prior to VIA Rail, the consolidation of passenger trains, and the slow dropping of trains. In 1967 CN was still trying to increase ridership and, being a government corporation, it kept many of its trains running longer than rival Canadian Pacific. This fantastic look at the CN passenger equipment is complete with a 32 page section of b/w photos showing sample interior and exterior shots. Each photo is labeled.

Each car type has two pages devoted to it, the first page is the car diagram and technical details, the other side of that page lists car numbers, car names, and any oddities about the car. This appears to include all revenue passenger equipment on the CN property in 1967 – business cars and commuter cars are not included. Car types, according to the index, are: Coach, Sleeping Cars, Meal Service Cars, Lounge and Lounge Sleepers, Club Cars, Railiners, Champlain Equipment, Baggage-Dormitory Cars.

This is a scan of an original Canadian National Passenger Car Diagrams. 303 pages. 5 index pages, 32 pages of pictures, 11 pages are an alphabetical listing of named cars, the rest of the pages are diagrams of car types and information about each car type. Updated to 1967. Photos were originally newspaper-type “screen” photos.

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