Cajon 2 – w/ Cab Ride

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Cajon Pass is one of the world's great railroading landmarks. From 1991 to 1993 – we see Southern Pacific, Santa Fe, Union Pacific, and Amtrak trains at your favorite Cajon hotspots. Two programs on one DVD.

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Cajon Pass is one of the world’s great railroading landmarks. From 1991 to 1993, Video Rails visited Cajon, capturing great scenes of Southern Pacific, Santa Fe, Union Pacific, and Amtrak trains at your favorite Cajon hotspots. The result was two entertaining videos that have been combined here on one action-packed DVD. This combo DVD features railroading in the ’90s with pre-merger railroading and Cajon Pass Cab Ride in SP locomotive 8537:
Cajon II – Railroading in the ’90s
It’s pre-merger days and Southern Pacific, Santa Fe, and Union Pacific are sending their latest motive power to tackle this famous mountain pass. You’ll see a wide variety of manifest trains and unit trains at classic photo sites and new locations as well. Long, heavy freights grind up the slopes to the summit and squeal downgrade to the desert below, filling the screen with non stop excitement. Cajon in the ’90s means mainline railroading at its best! (1 hour 30 minutes)

Cajon Pass Cab Ride
Climb aboard the cab of a Southern Pacific freight train as engine 8537 leads a five unit lash-up along the Palmdale Cutoff. You’ll ride from West Colton to Phelan on Southern Pacific’s Los Angeles Division. Along the way, you’ll witness spectacular meets with Santa Fe trains. The views from the cab of your locomotive give you a whole new perspective of this famous route. It’s a thrilling ride! (1 hour)

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2 reviews for Cajon 2 – w/ Cab Ride

  1. John S.

    This video gives you a good look back at Cajon Pass operations prior to the big mergers. You get to see the modern power on the ATSF at the time which was part of the Super Fleet painted in the classic red and silver warbonnet along with UP and SP trains. The cab ride on the SP up Cajon is really interesting and gives you a different perspective of Cajon than most would normally get.

  2. transitionalman

    I owned BOTH of these shows originally on VHS, so when they came out together on 1 DVD I just had to have them! At about 2 hours and 30 minutes this is a great DVD to keep in the player and watch over the course of a raining day or 2. As a HUGE fan of the pre-BNSF Santa Fe and pre-UP Southern Pacific I get nostalgic watching the Super Fleet and the new SP Speed Lettering locomotives conquering Cajon (with some UP and DRGW units mixed in)! As a model railroader of ATSF and SP during the 1990-1996 time period this DVD also serves to give me access to the engine lash ups and freight car consists of this (pre-everything graffiti) AWESOME period in railroad history!!!

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