Cab Ride From Kansas City to Chicago

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Enjoy 90 mph running over the old Santa Fe, as well as running down the old Burlington’s triple track “racetrack” into Chicago.

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Travel on-board an Amtrak P-42 “Genesis” locomotive pulling the Southwest Chief between Kansas City and Chicago. See the entire line, and listen to the comments of the crew as they point out railroad and historical features along the way. The view is entirely looking straight ahead with minimal narration. Shot with Amtrak permission, this program will appeal to both railfans and modelers. Enjoy much 90 mph running over the old Santa Fe, as well as running down the old Burlington’s triple track “racetrack” into Chicago. A must for your collection!

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2 reviews for Cab Ride From Kansas City to Chicago

  1. Lloyd

    I purchased the complete series at one time, and watched each video back to back on one the same day. Over all, I was not very impressed with it. The idea of a cab ride over such a long distance (Amtrak Time Table list it as 437 miles, scheduled in 6 hours & 56 minutes) is good, but the time of year could have been better. A February filming gives the dull brown look with little colour contrasts, and long shadows in the early and late day. There is very limited narration, leaving the viewer to listen to the crew chat for information along the way. Because the camera is mounted on the front of the engine, we never see the faces of the voices. The 2nd crew which takes over at Galesburg Illinios is not as talkative at the crew from Kansas City. There are some screen graphics, but also somewhat limited. The front mounted camera never moves, so all we see is the tracks ahead. The idea gives the viewer basically what the head end crew sees without turning their heads, so the crew has the advantage of looking around which we are not privilaged to on this video. So, as we make our way through over 7 & 1/2 hours of video, it does tend to get boring after a while. Couple of the things I really liked was the view we get with meeting other trains and the view when on long bridges like the Mississippi River. Over all, I am not disappointed with the purchase, but I am not overly enthusiastic to recommend it. Non of these 5 videos will be in the top 100 list of my favorites in my collection.

  2. rickyfreni

    What can I say about this set? It is Marvelous! They’ll show you the entire route in Early morning to late afternoon on February 16, 2000. There is lots of great commentary from Engineer Dave & Assistant Engineer Denise for parts 1-4 only between KC Missouri & Galesburg IL with a crew change from Galesburg to Chicago. Plus Producer Jarrett With his own narration. Each tape has a Different Preview. On Part 1: it contains The Best Selling Alphabet Train for Children which was rarely used as a Paid Programming Commercial if you look closely at the Credit Card Companies in the contact info, and on part 2, it contains BNSF’s Steven’s pass. On part 3, it contains steam to the state fair with NKP 587, and there are no previews in parts 4 & 5. Oh well. Jarrett did an excellent job on all of the Southwest Chief Cab ride videos covering most of the portions on the entire routes.

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