Burlington Northern Passenger Car Diagrams


With pre and post merger info on BN passenger equipment, 30 pages.

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The Burlington Northern Railroad came out of the 1970 merger of the Great Northern, the Northern Pacific, the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy and the Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway. This diagram book has passenger equipment from each merger partner, except the SP&S. Diagrams are updated to August 1978. Diagrams list the new BN car name/number as well as the previous owner (GN, NP, CBQ) and the previous name/number.

Listed are these car names and equipment types: Business Cars: Red River, Columbia River, Kootenai River, Mississippi River, Yellowstone River, Clark Fork River, Missouri River. Passenger Business Cars: Lake Michigan, Como, Big Horn Pass, Jefferson Pass, Stampede Pass, Deschutes River, Stevens Pass, BN 1115/1116, BN 206, BN 216, BN 227. Suburban Gallery Cars: Series 700 – 787, Series 790 – 795, Series 7100 – 7121. Railway Service Cars: Air Brake Instruction Car, Safety Inst. Car, Rules Inst. Car, Compass Training Car, Track Measuring Car, Roadway Maintenance Training Car. Heater Cars: Cars 16 – 19, Car 8.

This is a scan of an original Burlington Northern Railroad Passenger Equipment Diagram Book. 30 pages. 1 index page, 1 cover page, and 28 diagrams.

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