Boston & Maine Steam – 2 DVD Set

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Two DVD set that brings you “Boston & Maine Steam Heavy Haulers and Crack Limiteds” and “Boston & Maine Steam 4-4-0 to Superpower”. Both programs feature rare and early film of the B&M steam. (Ships to USA & Canada only.)

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Two programs:
Boston & Maine Steam Heavy Haulers and Crack Limiteds:Travel back to the mid-1930s to see action on the busiest divisions of the Boston & Maine. Steam locomotives work The Portland, New Hampshire and Fitchburg Divisions and the Connecticut Valley Line in both summer and winter. Huge hulking Berkshires battle the Ashburnham grade. High stepping passenger varnish: “The Flying Yankee”, “The Alouette” and “The Red Wing” go screaming by, as do similar name trains with brass railed observation cars. The third streamlined train built in the world: “The Flying Yankee” flashes by at lightning speed.

Other unusual features include the Union Pacific’s streamlined M-10001 “City of Salina” on tour and the Rexall Special with its streamlined New York Central Hudson and even Republican Alf Landon campaigning for President in 1936 against Franklin D. Roosevelt!

Boston & Maine Steam 4-4-0 to Superpower: With some of our oldest and most historic footage from the earliest days of motion picture film, this DVD shows the development of motive power in Eastern railroading. Beginning with diminutive Atlantics and American 4-4-0s hauling open platform wooden coaches the story continues up through the superpowered Berks and Santa Fes of the WWII years, including the early streamliner, the “Flying Yankee.”

Two thirds of the DVD is devoted to a survey of Boston & Maine steam power in the mid-30s: switchers, Atlantics, Moguls, 10 wheelers, Consolidations, light and heavy Pacifics, Santa Fes and Berkshires all arranged in order of size, small to large.

The oldest and newest steam power appears in dozens of run pasts system-wide including solid block refrigerator freights and passenger trains pulling brass railed observation cars. The final part of this tape shows Boston & Maine branch line operations at the time both in summer and winter featuring the busiest branches.

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