Blue Mountains Combo: Volumes 1 2 and 3

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For the Union Pacific Railroad in the early 1990s, railroading in the Blues – the 200-mile segment of UP’s Oregon Division Mainline – meant staggering grades, extreme weather, and 3 daunting summits.

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For the Union Pacific Railroad in the early 1990s, railroading in the Blues – the 200-mile segment of UP’s Oregon Division Mainline – meant staggering grades, extreme weather, and 3 daunting summits. What a great bit of American railroading to capture!! Video Rails did just that when it set out to film the power of the Union Pacific as it faced its toughest run. Video Rails released the story of this northwest passage in three separate videos. Now, combined here for you on one action-packed DVD, are those three exciting shows!

Volume 1: La Grande to Huntington
Dramatic footage covers all the action from La Grande to Huntington. Climbing out of the Grande Ronde Valley and heading past Oxman Curve and through Burnt River Canyon, Dash 8-40CWs, SD40-2s, C36-7s, and SD60s take on the 2.2 percent grades of UP’s roughest helper district. Trailer trains, container trains, doublestacks, grain, soda ash, auto racks, and Amtrak are seen on this exciting journey.

Volume 2: La Grande to Hinkle
Scale the Blue Mountains from La Grande northwest through Hilgard and Motanic to the summit at Kamela. Ride the cab of a GE Dash 8 and get an engineer’s view from a helper set on the rear of a UP freight. SD40-2s, C36-7s, 8-40Cs, and an SD60 are seen at Meacham Creek Canyon, the Umatilla River, and beyond.

Volume 3: Winter in the Blues
Travel the 56-mile “snow zone” of the Blue Mountains from North Powder to Meacham in the dead of winter. Climb the steep grades to the summits of Telocaset and Kamela, and then barrel across the Grande Valley through La Grande. A steady stream of UP trains have to battle against heavy snows in this formidable obstacle course and you’ll be trackside to appreciate the challenges they face!

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4 reviews for Blue Mountains Combo: Volumes 1 2 and 3

  1. Dylan Jones

    Very detailed video series. Lot’s of footage of operations. The winter series has to be the best in my opinion, highly recommended. Lot’s of Modern (for the time) GE and EMD units, although they’re no longer modern now, it’s still great seeing them.

  2. rrvideoman, Delisle Saskatchewan

    Do you enjoy mountain railroading, in various weather conditions? This is one of the finest movies made. Based in Northeast Oregon, the movie combo series is put together in a very well manner. With La Grande as the home base point for all 3 movies of this combo, you will be amaized at the differences in the region. Vol. # 1 travels timetable east through rolling, open hills and cattle graizing land. Vol. # 2 travels timetable west departing the rolling hills and into the forested region of Oregon. A vast difference from Vol. # 1, but then settles into more open rolling land, finishing with a preview of what’s to come in Vol. # 3. Vol. # 3 is winter, starting with a mild amount and graduly increasing as the Volume progresses. I was very impressed at how the producers put the 3 Vol’s. together. Open valleys with the mountains as a back drop. Trains running at speed to mountain climbing with 2% + grades and slow motion trains. Almost hard to believe that it is all the same area. Most of the power is UP, with Amtrak making the occasional appearance, and even a Steam excursion runby. All adds to the interest. Vol. # 3 — Winter railroading is always a challenge, and this is no exception. Witness an auto on the highway in blowing snow. The photographer shows it all. Narration is limited, with alot of the natural sounds of the operating trains. Maps are provided which are very helpful understaning the region. A great movie that is a bonus to any collection. Highly recommended.

  3. Kevin Willie

    Good Video Engineers Face a challenge going up and down

  4. Arthur

    a 3 show dvd of Union Pacific on there Oregon Division a little long but a good show eather way

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