Union Pacific’s Big Boy Combo DVD, Part 1

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Measuring 132 feet long and weighing one and a quarter million pounds, the Union Pacific Big Boys were the largest, heaviest, most powerful steam locomotives of their type. Part One of a two part look at the Big Boy.

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Measuring 132 feet long and weighing one and a quarter million pounds, the Union Pacific Big Boys were the largest, heaviest, most powerful steam locomotives of their type. These giants could pull a five and a half mile long train on level track. Although only 25 Big Boys were ever built, over 18 years those few engines ran up nearly 26 million miles hauling billions of tons of freight. In Pentrex’s Big Boy Combo Part 1, you’ll see two fantastic shows presenting the Big Boys in all their glory!

Last of the Giants (23 Minutes)
Union Pacific paid tribute to its Big Boys in a publicity film that has become a sought-out collector’s item for rail enthusiasts worldwide. You’ll see the evolution of UP steam power from 4-6-0s to the development of the articulated locomotive. Then you’ll meet the Big Boys and watch as they are serviced, rebuilt, and run. Trackside and cab shots feature these mighty 4-8-8-4s pulling long freights over Wyoming’s Sherman Hill during their last years in service. This classic film is one you’ll enjoy watching again and again.

Last of the Giants Volume 2: The Cheyenne Shops (1 Hour)
Cheyenne was a bustling hub for UP steam in the 1950s. It’s where the Big Boys were based during their last years of operation powering freights over Sherman Hill to Laramie. In Volume 2, you’ll go on a tour of the coal chute and servicing areas, take a spin on the turntable that served the 48-stall roundhouse, and visit the backshop where the Big Boys were rebuilt. You’ll hear the stories of the men who once worked on these famous locomotives and will learn about the operational layout and design of the Cheyenne yards as they were in the late 1950s. The footage used in this production was shot by UP cameramen over a 3 year period, with updated material added by Pentrex in 1993. It’s an unforgettable visit!

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3 reviews for Union Pacific’s Big Boy Combo DVD, Part 1

  1. Ricky

    This 2004 combo DVD chronicles the final years of every railfan’s favorite steam giants. The 1960 film itself was seen in film compliations of the 1960s and 1970s, but here in “Volume 2 the Cheyenne Shops made”, in 1993, there is lots of unused film footage made during production of the 25 minute completed film. Some future famous surviving big boys are shown as well as slope back tender engine 4466 shunting one of the 17 scrapped big boys (4007) at the washdown while Jim Ehrenburger makes some small commentaries.
    Plus sole surviving challenger 3985 is shown between the comparison of this vs the mighty big boy. Also included in the second Volume is a short February 1993 visit (Can’t believe it’ll be 25 years old soon) at Cheyenne for the present exams. Sometimes the giants will have to squeeze at the turntable. Also, long retired engineer Steve Lee points out the photographs at the yard.

  2. TrainboySD40-2

    Both parts of this video are great. Great stories, great video, great sound. Nothing could replicate the sheer size and presence of these brutish locomotives, but these videos certainly do them justice.

  3. rrvideoman

    The biggest of the big; the strongest of the strong. Words to describe the giant Big Boys. These 4-8-8-4’s were once the King of the rails. With the advancement of diesels, the life of these manmoths was short lived. Part # 1 of this video shows us why the the articulated engines were made, and gives us a very interesting look at the history of them. Part # 2 takes us to Cheyenne Wyoming, and a look at the giant service facilities located there. We hear historian’s as they show us many pictures of the location, and explains the uses of the many buildings. It is a fascinating experience to see. We are able to see these majestic beauties in action as they work hard. This combo video is an excellent presentation of something so long gone and so beautiful. Union Pacific did a fine job preserving some history of the Big Boys, and Pentrex has been so good at putting together a great documentary on it. I believe that all railfans will truely be pleased.

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