Best of 1990 – Railroading Highlights

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1990 was an exciting year in American Railroading. Pentrex crews traveled the nation to capture the railroading events and subjects worthy of inclusion in the “Best of” series.

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1990 was an exciting year in American Railroading. Pentrex crews traveled the nation to capture the railroading events and subjects that are worthy of inclusion in our continuing “Best of” series. This year’s selection of subjects includes a range of both steam and diesel action.
* UP Silver Zone Pass
* Blue Unit Circus Train
* Green Bay and Western
* SP’s Siskiyou Line
* Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad
* Railroads of Omaha
* Frisco 1522
* Eisenhower Centennial

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6 reviews for Best of 1990 – Railroading Highlights

  1. norfolksouthern4047

    One of the better “Best Of” programs by Pentrex. At this point in their history they knew what to cover and draw in audiences. All of the segments they covered are enjoyable. And the last part with the Eisenhower specials are most interesting. I bought this program about a year or so ago and still watch it every now and again. Wishing to return to this era.

  2. Lloyd

    In a word…. Excellent. Gotta love the Chinese train at Boone IA. And then there is the BN F7’s pulling a business train. Your eyes will be glued to the tv as this plays, and places like Omaha NE. are worth seeing. Oh…. and don’t forget the GB & W. All classics in our modern day.

  3. rickyfreni

    This best of Pentrex video contains a mix of Unique steam and diesel powered specials which are no longer with us today. Such As The Ringling Bros. Blue unit Circus Train, Mainline Freights on Silver Zone Pass, The Siskiyou line, and the Omaha Area. For steam lovers, only 3 engines are shown. Such as The Debut of the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad’s Chinese engine 8419, Frisco 1522’s worst excursion trip due to an overheating front truck as it got stranded on one of the BN Mainlines, and headed for a 3 day repair at Galesburg, plus Union Pacific 844 on one of the 3 Special trains for President Eisenhower’s 100th birthday in Abilene Kansas, along with the Santa Fe Warbonets on one train, and The BN f-units on the other.

  4. Mike

    This is a wonderful compilation of scenery and rail photography showing great detail and providing good detail of each scene within the video documentary. A mus have video of this action for all rail feans interested in this topic and and rail run. A must have for alll train enthusiasts.

  5. Dylan Jones

    The Silverzone Pass portion of the video was great. It’s a territory not covered by many. The business trains were awesome. Seeing the Gorgeous BN Business Train along side of Santa Fe’s was great (and probably a small hint to the future merger just 3 years later.) UP’s 844 looked splendid also!

  6. KC fan

    From beginning to end this show is incredible, from showing trains on the UP climbing the unique curvature of Silverzone pass, two three passenger specials departing Union Station heading to the center of Kansas, trust me this is a great show. And again a well edited show, that captures that feeling of the chase.

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