Best of 1987 Railroading by Pentrex

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1987 had great railroad action. There is plenty of steam along with selected highlights of both East and West Coast railroading.

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1987 had great railroad action. There is plenty of steam along with selected highlights of both East and West Coast railroading. Highlights include:
* Union Pacific 8444 and 3985
* NHRS convention in Roanoke with the 1218 and 611
* Fremont & Elkhorn Valley Railroad
* Southern Pacific Super Bowl Special
* Union Pacific Super Bowl Special
* Chicago & North Western
* New York, Susquehanna & Western Stack Trains
* Union Pacific on Sherman Hill
* California Operation Lifesaver Special
* Cajon Pass and Tehachapi Loop highlights… and more railroading action!

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4 reviews for Best of 1987 Railroading by Pentrex

  1. CR6377

    Another of Pentrex’s “Best Of” programs. Starting with 2 of the Superbowl specials, seeing 2 SDP45s pulling the SP Train, and then 2 GP40Xs pulling the UP Train. The UP train going through the Red Signal at Summit is something else. Wondering if their footage aided in the investigation of what the crew members did. Not sure that could happen today with the amount of technology in the newer locomotives like PTC and such. Seeing the OLS specials with the SP and UP E Unit up front is awesome. The other segments of the show are equally as enteraining as well.

  2. Lloyd

    This is great. We see some steam & diesel, shortline action & mainline action current railroads and fallen flags all in various locations across the USA. The “Best of Series” is an excellent way to see short clips and be able to decide on future purchases. No disappointments here

  3. rickyfreni

    Unlike the first 3 best of Videos from Pentrex, this was the first time Where Dave Drui does a little more detailed narration in this, compare to the first 3 videos since the Company’s Humble Beginnings. Eventually, there are lots of unique steam and diesel power in America, as most of these units in their fallen flag paint as well as the failed attempt merger with Southern Pacific And Santa Fe no longer operate today, as well as the Short-lived Fremont & Elkhorn Valley Railroad in Nebraska, where 1702 now operates on Selected days at North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains Railroad. Couple of facts that I want to point out in this Now 29-30 Year old videotape: Greg Scholl from Batavia, Ohio was on the 3985 excursion on May 24, 1987 for his UP Steam Volume 1 video in 1989, As well as the 1987 NRHS convention for 2 of his 1990 Tapes: NS Steam Volume 1 with only 611 & 1218, Plus Early Diesels with the last run of the now-retired/sold Southern F-units.
    More Fun facts in this Video: In the first 15 minutes of this video documenting the Super Bowl 21 specials on Sunday January 25 & Monday the 26, Only CBS was there to capture the whole game, but not at the visiting transportation machines. Not long After the NYC Giants Defeat the Denver Broncos with a huge defeat of 39-20, The crew members of the Union Pacific Post-Bowl train whether its refusing to stop at a red signal at Summit, or Didn’t see the red light due to not enough clear brightness compare to today’s technology. Even if the Signal failed, Then the whole train would not only have a Crash with the Santa Fe Freight, but also be on the national media not long after the game was over. Thankfully the crew members were not only under investigation, but they have since been fired from the Railroad due to the passing of a Red Signal. What were the crew members thinking back then? Whose Fault was it? The Post-Superbowl Train or the faulty red signal? Who Knows.

  4. Dylan Jones

    Another great Pentrex film. The best is on the cover, the Operation Life Saver (OLS) Special. Especially seeing SP 6051 Leading for a short time. It was awesome seeing railroads work together for events like that back in the day.

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