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This manual covers US Army railroad equipment from locomotives to cranes to freight and passenger cars. Includes foreign built/foreign service equipment. See a list of car types below. As the scan above shows, these diagrams include drawings, sometimes multiple drawings, of the equipment as well as technical data. Equipment covered includes:

Diesel locomotives, Railway Cranes, Box Car, Flat Car, Depressed Center Flat Car, Gondolas – High Side, Gondolas – Low Side, Hopper Cars, Tank Cars, Caboose, Guard Car, Wedge Snowplow, Ambulance Utility Car, Kitchen-Dining-Storage Car, Hospital Ward Car, Troop Sleeper, Guard Caboose, Two-Car Unit – Medical, Business Car, and Command Cars. Most of these types have more than one diagram. Cars in foreign service are marked as such.

This is a scan of an original Department of the Army Railway Equipment Diagram Book, US Army Technical Manual TM 55-208. Issued in 1976. 8.5 x 11 inches. 102 pages.

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