American Railroad Collection Part 1 and Part 2

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The railroad industry produced many fine promotional, training and safety films for employees and customers – here are eight rare looks at period railroading in the USA.

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The railroad industry produced many fine promotional, training and safety films for employees and customers – here are eight rare looks at period railroading in the USA. Featured are:
Mo-Pac Delivers – Missouri Pacific, 1975
Mo-Pac demonstrates its many strengths to prospective customers in this rare promotional film. See welded rail installation, maintenance of way equipment, automated wheel shops and hump yards, dispatch center, specialized freight cars, unit trains, modern diesel locomotives, and more! (25 minutes)

Portrait of a Railroad – Burlington Northern, 1973
BN moved 100,000 cars on 126,000 miles of rail to transport food, fuel, and goods to American markets on a scale only the railroad could handle. This is a tribute to the people and equipment that could pump 2,000 freight cars a day through its classification yards. (26 minutes)

Switches – Hand-Brakes and YOU – Chicago & North Western, 1974
This detailed and instructive film in the Safe Railroading Series shows employees the right and wrong ways to handle switches and hand-brakes.(22 minutes)

TLC – CN Rail, 1978
Transporting newsprint requires special care and attention; otherwise it’s easily damaged and expensive to replace, as Canadian National rail workers learn in this informative program. You’ll see the skills needed to load, route, and deliver this valuable commodity just in time. (22 minutes)

The Freight Goes Through! – Association of American Railroads, 1952
Yard workers get a good look at damage prevention techniques and the effects that temperature and load have on coupling and rolling speeds. Both steam and diesel engines are featured. (18 minutes)

The Right to Compete – AAR, 1956
The importance of revising Federal regulations to permit fair competition among different transportation modes is promoted in this 1950s-vintage AAR film.(14 minutes)

New Directions in Modern Railroading – AAR, 1966
The AAR demonstrates how new developments are bringing traffic back to the rails. See welded rail, tunnel expansion, electronic communications, special-purpose freight cars, just-in-time delivery, piggyback and containers, grain and coal unit trains, and passenger transportation. Narrated by Chet Huntley. (28 minutes)

The Right Track – AAR, 1967
Kids (and adults, too!) learn lessons in safety in this timeless film featuring the New York Central.(16 minutes)

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4 reviews for American Railroad Collection Part 1 and Part 2

  1. Lloyd

    There is a little bit of everything in this video. Most of all, it is historical, and many of the principals from when this was filmed have not changed much today. There is a lot of educational material in this video of general interest to the rail fan. Most of the featured railroads are Fallen Flags which adds to the history of it. Basically, 8 short films, on one disc, in less than 3 hours, with lots of entertainment. I think most viewers will really enjoy this collection of videos that are not common to the general market. The best part is the price. You can’t go wrong for a video of this length for the value of it…. Enjoy.

  2. David Holland

    love this video. shows to many good things in this pentrex dvd including safety on the railroad. well worth the money

  3. Alan Scott

    Great Dvd of old footage that will take you back to the good old days of railroad. There are 8 great looks at the railroad. Also is a look at first generation diesels .

  4. Kraig

    This video is a great combination of old footage that takes one back to the railroads of yesteryear when first generation diesels were still roaming the fallen flag railroads.

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