American Altavista Quick Shots 2 (15 Programs, 2 Hours)

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It’s like a railroad variety show! Ssee and hear what what was new high tech, state-of-the-art, high iron horsepower in 1993. 15 great railroad subjects in two hours.

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1. EMD’s SD70M — A monster of a locomotive with radial trucks, 4OOO HP, computer control and a burgundy body second to none. Are there slots for lots of SD70M’s? Or will another EMD product overshadow this Goliath?

2. EMD’S SD60MAC — Another worthy road warrior from the Ex-King-of-Diesels. Betting that AC traction motors will pull more-better-faster. Burlington Northern has anted up for 350 MACs in a bigger buck move than the industry has ever seen. But did they pass their demonstration tests on CSX?

3. GE’s & Amtrak’s AMD-103 — Some call it the first true passenger locomotive in years, a cutting edge piece of technology. Others compare it to a shoe box and worse. The builder’s plate says it’s a Dash 8-40BP? …at least a close cousin of GE‘s Dash 8-40CW, the top selling US locomotive Over the past three years as of this time.

4. ABB’S X2000 — This sleek Swedish train of tomorrow took the country and everything Amtrak by storm with its faster, smoother, tilting style of service. The US passenger train future is looking great.

5. Siemens ICE Train — The German InterCityExpress also swept through the Northeast Corridor and toured the country to great applause. Tested at 250 MPH, in German service at 175, and running 140 on the NE Corridor, passenger train competition is alive in the US!

That’s five new locomotives or transits hitting the US in the summer of ’93 and they are all reviewed live, right here in QUICK SHOTS-2.
The theory is: Pull more, faster, for less. Find out who did, who didn’t, and a few why not’s.

And there’s more, including these short features:

6. 611 on the Dry Fork
7. Mainline Motor Cars
8. Goodbye Monongahela
9. Virginia Railway Express
10. 611’s WS Jinx
11. 64 more Motor Cars
12. Naked Power RF&P Style
13. 4501 Cruises Virginia
14. Alternate Rail Power
15. The Last of the E’s


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