America by Rail The West Coast Route

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Enjoy a fantastic trip up America's West Coast by rail.

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The West Coast, part of the America by Rail series, is a spectacular trip from San Diego, California to Seattle, Washington aboard Amtrak’s “San Diegan” and “Coast Starlight”. See miles of sandy beaches, then climb past Mt. Shasta for a snowy ride through Oregon’s Cascades. Along the way, we stop at the following interesting train rides: California Western, Yosemite Mt. – Sugar Pine RR, Sacramento Southern, Spirit of Oregon Dinner Train, Mt. Hood Railroad, San Diego Trolley (electric) , and the Seattle Monorail!

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6 reviews for America by Rail The West Coast Route

  1. collinvarney24

    This is my most favorite out of the other America By Rail. the Dash 8-32BWH’s were an amazing sight pulling the train. Made me wish I can go for a trip on the Coast Starlight someday.

  2. Mwdonoughue

    This program showcases a ride on Amtrak from San Diego, CA to Seattle, WA. Also included are steam and diesel-powered trains on tourist lines along the way. You will also ride aboard the Monorail and view Seattle from a sailboat.

  3. rrvideoman

    Another excellent production . This video is in the same format of all 4 “America by Rail” videos. There is plenty of music incorporated into the video along with an interesting amount of narration explaining what is happening along the trip. There are the normal side trips to some of the more intersting rail locations and scenic trips of some tourist excursion lines. It is a Passenger Train lover’s dream as we ride along the coast, nearly at water’s edge of the Pacific Ocean starting at the Mexico border with a San Diego trolley system journey to the Amtrak Station, then north to Los Angeles. From there after a change of trains and views of LA Union Station, continue on north for a while close still to the Pacific Ocean, before moving somewhat inland and on to Seattle Washington. The scenery is second to none through out the journey. I was amaised to see the train as it rode along high bluffs near water edge, and through a US military base. Here, missle silos actually form a backdrop. Most interesting. Mt Shasta further north is beautiful. As the end is near, a small trip to the top of the Seattle Space Needle really tops off this excellent production.

    A great video that all Rail Fans would enjoy. Highly recommended.

  4. Godman1

    Great Dvd about traveling by train in the West part of the U.S.A. great footage of railroading, great scenery, and wonderful music. A great Dvd for all rail fans.

  5. Chase

    This has been a favorite for many many years. Watched time after time again. Includes some really neat footage of railroading in the western most portions of the United States.

  6. Ricky

    This 1995 Video features great action, great music, and great locomotives from the Jarrett/Scholl Duo. After all, once you owned a battery operated DVD player, and play it on a real amtrak train, you are in the video for real!

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