Alaska Part 2, Alaska Railroad, Seward & Whittier Subs

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The Alaska Railroad, Volume 2. We'll treat you to a 3-day tour of the lines between Anchorage, Whittier and Seward. Trackage that runs past the incredibly scenic vistas of Turnagain Arm and Kenai Fjords National Park.

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The Alaska Railroad series continues with a fascinating look at operations on the Seward and Whittier Subdivisions during the summer of 1994. We’ll treat you to a 3-day tour of the lines between Anchorage, Whittier and Seward. Trackage that runs past the incredibly scenic vistas of Turnagain Arm and Kenai Fjords National Park. The route from Seward to Portage runs over the crest of Kenai at 1,060 feet, up 3 percent grades, and through 5 tunnels! Here is Volume 2: Where Trains Fly and Eagles Soar – Seward and Whittier Subdivisions on the Alaska Railroad. Traffic on the Whittier and Seward Subs consists of Anchorage-to-Seward passenger trains; the Whittier Shuttle carrying passengers, cars, and trucks; unit coal trains; and freights that serve the rail barges. These are led by GM diesels including GP35s and GP38s, GP40s and GP49s, plus a few surprises such as an F7-B and a Budd RDC. You’ll also see many cabooses at the ends of these trains.

The highlights of our show feature the Port of Whittier where the Trainmaster juggles 10 trains and 2 rail barges against 20-foot tides with only one GP30 switch engine, a passenger train made up of former SP bi-level coaches, rides through the tunnels aboard the Shuttle, a 6-unit lash-up of 5 GP49s and one GP40 leading a heavy coal train, maintenance-of-way equipment, and a special military move. But not to be overlooked is the astonishing beauty of red sunsets, towering snow-draped mountains, and sea green glaciers that are backdrops to the silhouettes of these trains. The Alaska Railroad serves a land of incredible beauty, a place where trains fly and eagles soar!

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4 reviews for Alaska Part 2, Alaska Railroad, Seward & Whittier Subs

  1. David Holland

    Beautiful scenery and trains plus tons of surprises make this a wonderful dvd to watch and enjoy.

  2. Mwdonoughue

    The second program in this 3 DVD set observes action on the Seward and Whittier Subdivisions of the Alaska Railroad. You’ll see tons of freights as they travel between the port cities and Anchorage, and the Whittier Shuttle as it hauls cars and other automobiles along the rails.

  3. T.A. Ross

    Alaska land of 6 months,of light 6 months of darkness. This Dvd shows all that and more. Majestic mountains, beautiful bodies of water, and plenty of ocean going vehicles. Wild life is abudant, eagles flying over head, even a bolyga whale makes an appearance. The territory and the operations are great. Also very unusual how car”s travel on the rails. Even tour buses on flat bedded cars–an unusual sight. Sadly a very short dvd, only 45 minutes. Wonderful dvd.

  4. rrvideoman, Delisle Saskatchewan

    Alaska, land of the midnight sun. Here is a good video which shows just that. It’s an interesting land with high mountains, plenty of water and ships. Souring eagles and other wildlife make appearances, one of which is a Boluga Whale. The producer has covered the territory well and the operations of the railroad in this unique region. A regional railroad with the workings of a Class # 1, in a region steeped with tourism. One of the most unusual features of the railroad is the rails on road travel where vehicles of all sorts travel on the train to connect with other auto roads. It is rather fascinating to see tour buses on flat cars, with their lights on at that. There is nothing like it in the lower 48 states, or regions of southern Canada. Good, hard working trains, tour trains, and lots of excitement. Disappointments: The length of the video is uncharacteristic of Pentrex at only 45 minutes.

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