Alaska Railroad

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It’s America’s Last Frontier – with the excitement of classic diesels, a wide array of passenger and freight trains, and fantastic scenery as you explore the Alaska Railroad of 1984!

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Join Pentrex for a fast-paced ride back to this country’s Last Frontier with the excitement of classic diesels, a wide array of passenger and freight trains, and fantastic scenery as you explore what was the Alaska Railroad of 1984!

1984/1985 was an important period of change for The Alaska Railroad, with the Federal Government selling the railroad to the State of Alaska. The state then poured 70 million dollars into maintenance along the line. It was an era of change and excitement for the ARR! For this video you get to climb into the cab of an F7-A for the trip from Anchorage to Fairbanks. Then drive your automobile onto the Whittier Shuttle to experience an auto/train ride like no other. Enjoy special passenger trains such as the State Fair Special, a cruise ship train, and passenger service to Denali Park. Freight action is also featured, including the gravel trains that work furiously during the summer months and railcars being unloaded from barges traveling up from the “lower 48”. F-units were still in action on the Alaska Railroad of 1984. You’ll see them as well as hard working GP40s, GP7s, and GP35s in their dramatic ARR paint schemes. Here’s your chance to relive an important time in the life of a unique rail operation – the Alaska Railroad!

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5 reviews for Alaska Railroad

  1. David Holland

    Nothing but great things to say about volume 1. Just like every other pentrex dvd that is good this one is no exception. You will see tons of engines that are no longer used on the Alaska railroad. There are also to many surprises to list. Just buy it and you will find out why.

  2. Lloyd

    Basically, a typical Pentrex. Narration is over all good. The scenery in the video is nice. Being the 1st Alaskan video of 4 by Pentrex, there some historical value that is very interesting. Rail fans will love the older power. Tourist fans will love the scenic views. For the video collectors who have the other 3 videos on Alaska, this one really adds to it all.
    It is worth the purchase for sure.

  3. Mwdonoughue

    This program features many different aspects that were part of the Alaska Railroad in 1984:

    – Visit the maintenance shops in Anchorage, AK
    – Ride in the cab of an F-7A for a ride to Denali State Park
    – Watch both gravel and freight trains in action
    – Ride in a vehicle aboard the Whittier Shuttle
    – Follow special passenger trains, such as the State Fair Special

  4. Andyweise

    This video was another one of those pentrex videos that covered a railroad in general. It is one of my favorite productions from pentrex. The railroad is quite unique and very scenic. The ferry train is the the biggest eye opener for me. Defiantly worth the buy.

  5. Alan Scott

    Alaska, America’s last frontier, and all the classic diesels trains for passenger and freight and lots of beautiful scenery. Filmed in 1984/1985 when a lot if changes ca me to the Alaskain railroad. Ride in the cab of the F-70 from Anchorage to Fairbanks, then drivr your car up onti the Whitter Shuttle and see what it feel like to ride on the car-train. So many different trains in so many color scheems. A very unique film with lots of action.

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