Above the Rails Combo: Above Southern California Rails & Above 3751 Over Cajon

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Here are two shows that lift you up into the skies above Southern California for an incredible look at railroading as you've never seen it before.

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Here are two shows that lift you up into the skies above Southern California for an incredible look at railroading as you’ve never seen it before!
Above Southern California Rails (42 Minutes)
Get ready for the ultimate railfan video as Pentrex takes you into the skies to experience Southern California railroading as it’s never been seen before! Climb aboard a jet helicopter loaded with state-of-the-art, gyro-stabilized video equipment. Then soar skyward to enjoy sweeping panoramas, pace speeding locomotives, and get incredible aerial views of long curving trains. Skim over the blue Pacific Ocean as Pentrex follows Amtrak trains and BNSF freights along the “Surf Line” near San Clemente. Check out the newly-rebuilt BNSF yards in San Bernardino and examine UP’s West Colton Yard. Race the Talgo trainset as it travels through the Los Angeles area. Then swing over to the harbor area for a bird’s-eye view of container operations and the brand new coal facility. The weather is crystal clear and there are plenty of trains to be seen. You’ll marvel at the ultra-smooth, incredibly close, breathtaking photography as our helicopter cruises above these fast freight and passenger trains. This video offers a perspective like no other!

Above 3751 Over Cajon (75 Minutes)

After Pentrex released the popular Above Southern California Rails, a flood of requests came in from enthusiastic customers with ideas for the next helicopter video. Railfans have been thrilled with the results. Join Pentrex for a fantastic video experience! Santa Fe steam engine 3751 traveled over Cajon Pass as it moved from Los Angeles to Sacramento to attend Railfair ’99. Pentrex was there to document this incredible journey, with multiple camera crews capturing every highlight of famous Cajon Pass. As always, the handsome 3751 put on quite a show. Our coverage begins as the engine and tender are pulled out of the Redondo Junction Roundhouse in preparation for the trip. Then the big day arrives when the special train rolls out of Los Angeles, through Santa Ana Canyon, and on toward San Bernardino. Pentrex cameras are in the air, aboard the train, and on the ground showing this mighty locomotive from every angle. Nowhere else can you find such outstanding shots of a steam locomotive at work! Highlights include spectacular views of Sullivan’s Curve, Mormon Rocks, the climb up to Summit, Mojave Narrows, and fast running across the high desert to Barstow.

This video will give you a completely different perspective of Cajon Pass. Our jet-powered helicopter with state-of-the-art broadcast equipment allows you to pace alongside the 3751 and hover over freight trains as they meet the steam special. You’re railfanning from the ultimate chase vehicle.

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8 reviews for Above the Rails Combo: Above Southern California Rails & Above 3751 Over Cajon

  1. CR6377

    A very unique set of Programs by Pentrex. They had to have a ton of requests to get something like this made. The Southern California Video is good, seeing West Colton Yard and following a train on the Surfline is pretty cool. Now following Santa Fe 3751 is really awesome. And being able to hear the Engineer, Dispatcher talking is cool. I bet the crews kept thinking, “Why is this Helicopter following us”? But I hope they saw this program. Seeing a view railfans have wanted to see. Well done all around on these 2 programs

  2. herronhigh239

    I mostly got this DVD just to see 3751’s journey to rail fair half of it anyway.

  3. aw

    This video is a unique perspective of watching trains. Cannot be happier with the quality and sound. They used a helicopter with high tech equipment to do this before the advent of drones. Very interesting and worth the buy. Not a big steam fan but the steam is my favorite in the combo.

  4. Alan Ross

    What a fantastic Dvd. Very well done and unique. Great narration about the trains. You will see passenger, commuter and freight trains, along with great views from the Air and the ground. Great Dvd for all rail fans.

  5. jgwj

    GREAT. I’m always looking for videos shot recently, especially if looking for a new place to travel to. It was interesting to see not only the Train action from the AIR, but also to see the “country side” AND the railyards from above. I would recommend this.

  6. rrvideoman, Delisle Saskatchewan

    Above the Rails is just what this video is. It’s a very interesting look at railroading from a view few of us ever see. The 1st segment, Above Southern California Rails, is shot entirely from a helicopter. We are shown a wide variety of angles of various trains in and around Los Angeles and to the south along the Pacific Ocean. You never really know for sure what you see next. Freight, passenger and commuter trains all make an appearance in this segment. Quite interesting indeed. Segment # 2, Above 3751 Over Cajon, starts on the ground, and later takes to the air in a helicopter. Throughout the segment, there are many ground shots as well, all the way to Barstow. It’s interesting to see the crowds that came out for the running of this train. Like segment # 1, there are shots from all angles from the air. Very impressed with the video and highly recommend it to all rail fans.

  7. KC fan

    Back when Pentrex was Pentrex. no expense was spared to get into the sky. Very unique and well done filming was shown, high quality narration as well. this provided fans a unique look at Southern California railroad operations. This is a rare program where for the Steam portion credits are actually shown at the end. Every aspect of this show was done to perfection. Another great one.

  8. Ricky

    The First Segment was shot in 1998 to January 1999, Plus the second segment was an extended version of 3751’s preparation and running on a freight to Railfair ’99. (More Action from Barstow To Railfair ’99 can be seen on “Sacramento Steam ’99”).

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