A Salute to the Warbonnet

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A tribute to the best loved paint scheme in America, the red and silver Santa Fe “Warbonnet” passenger paint scheme.

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A tribute to the best loved paint scheme in America, the red and silver Santa Fe “Warbonnet” passenger paint scheme. The Santa Fe is now part of giant BNSF, but the Warbonnet lives on! ATSF resurrected the Warbonnet in 1989 and applied it to freight locomotives for fast intermodal service. Take a look at this spectacular paint scheme in ATSF and BNSF service at many favorite locations: Cajon Pass, Tehachapi Pass, and the Mojave and Seligman Subs. You’ll hear a brief history of the Warbonnet scheme and its reintroduction and look at the types of locomotives wearing it.

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5 reviews for A Salute to the Warbonnet

  1. Lloyd

    The Warbonnet… one of the most well recognized paint schemes in railroad history. This video was made to indeed… salute it. As much as I enjoyed the video, in many ways… I did not enjoy it. The narration needs to be improved on. To much in places and not enough in other places. The video is based primarily in California, and with the size of the Santa Fe, the production could have limited this and added many regions across the American west. It’s like…. California was the only place that deserved the salute. However, that said…. I am pleased we see here what we do. It’s better than nothing at all.

  2. transitionalman

    First, I LOVE the Santa Fe and while I realize that the BNSF merger was necessary, I don’t typically buy videos to see my beloved ATSF locomotives in faded, peeling paint coupled next to BNSF H1 and H2 locomotives as that just isn’t my thing. Second, I really don’t enjoy DVDs where the narration is too great and can’t be turned off….and there is WAY too much narration at the beginning of this program during the Tehachapi sequence by someone who doesn’t know how to pronounce “Los Angeles” correctly. THAT ASIDE, if you like the BNSF Rainbow Era, and don’t mind a lot of narration at the beginning of the video then this one’s for you.

  3. Alan Scott

    This DVD in my eyes was good, but not as great as most Highball DVDs. Santa Fe was a great rail line but this DVD doesn’t focus as much on the railroad as it does on the iconic Warbonnet locomotive. Scenery is great though!

  4. nssd60e

    a last look at the famous warbonnet paint scheme before they became faded or disappeared during repaints. wish they would have shown loacations other than California though, but over all a really great video to add to you collection.

  5. KC fan

    I don’t know why I don’t love this, I love the Santa Fe, but something about this production just didn’t do it for me.

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