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This is a fast paced program with great footage of several U.S. and Canadian railroads around the Great Lakes.

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Must see action for the ALCO fan! On one DVD you’ll see two shows featuring ALCO diesel locomotives in Canada – one of the last strongholds of mainline ALCO action. The first show, “CP Rail’s Big ALCOs” captures the CP 4500’s and 4700’s working container trains and general freight between Montreal and Detroit. We see behind the scenes, aboard the trains, and trackside views. There is good coverage inside the cabs of these big CPR Alco’s. There are some meets and a scene exiting the Detroit River tunnel in Windsor. The second program is “Alco’s in the Highlands”, which takes you to Nova Scotia with spectacular east coast scenery. You will see hard working 6 motor ALCOs hauling 100 car trains! You’ll also see the action captured trackside as well is in the cab of trains along the various portions of the Cape Britain, and central Nova Scotia line. Most of the ALCOs are ex-CN power.

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  1. rickyfreni

    In this nearly 20 year old program, it starts with an opening message that features an all boxcar freight led by Nickel plate road Berkshire 740, Canadian pacific 4-6-2 2525 also hauling boxcars and DM&IR Yellowstone 256 hauling ore. Plus Alco RS3 number 8450 hauling royal Hudson 2461. There is also a pair of Grand trunk western GP7s on a passenger train, as well as Canadian National 4-8-4 6116 on a passenger train meeting a freight. Then Photographer Newton Rositer did the entire narration throughout this really short program beginning with the Nickel Plate Road, as future famous Berkshire 765 is leaving the yard with a freight. Next sister engine 753 crosses the swing bridge that is also on a freight with a caboose. Afterwards Hudson 173 leaves the 1951 built roundhouse and turntable. Later, 173 is on train number 8 with 3 boxcars and several coaches. Next another Berkshire number 746 is in a rush also hauling freight. Afterwards, the NKP’s first Berkshire number 700 is also in a rush. Next 746 is seen again this time it is on a different freight at an unknown location. Later on Berkshire 748 is also on a freight run. On May 18, 1958, the Buffalo chapter of the NRHS operates an excursion to Cleveland that is being pulled by Hudson 175, as it carries 22 coaches. Next Berkshire 727 is on 2 different freight trains: one on train 29 the other on train 30. Besides 765 there are a handful of NKP Berkshires that are still with us today. 755 is at the conneaut museum near Cleveland, 759 is at Steamtown in Scranton Pennsylvania (despite it pulled trips from 1966-1973), 763 is at the age of steam roundhouse in sugar creek, and 779 is at Lima Ohio, that is still caged in. 757 used to be on display at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania across the street from the Strasburg Railroad in Lancaster County, and now it is at its New home: The mad river and NKP museum in Bellvue.

    Leaving the NKP behind, Newton took us to the DW&P which is short for the Duluth Winnipeg and Pacific railroad. As Grand Trunk 2-8-2 number 3425 heading west out of Duluth in June of 1956. Next 2-8-0 2461 is making up its train at West Duluth yard and heading on its way for Port Francis Ontario. Afterwards the pre-1984 reroute is shown as 3425 is seen again, this time it is heading for the crossing while going over a stationary bridge.

    Moving on to the Duluth and Northeastern, 2-8-0 number 28 built as DM&IR 332 is on a mixed freight. Thankfully the engine is restored to operational condition a couple years ago as it is operating regular passenger trains and Railfan specials at the Lake Superior railroad Museum from Duluth to Two Harbors. At Saginaw, 28/332 shunts the caboose to the opposite side of the train. Afterwards, the number 28/332 is down the line once again. This concludes the D&NE.

    Meanwhile at the Grand Trunk Western, 4-8-4 number 6321 on the first westbound Shriners special while 6314 pulls the second train following behind 6321. Next it’s already April 1957, and 2-8-2 number 3750 is on a tight schedule, as it is picking up the pace. Following behind is 4-8-4 6410. This is the basis locomotive that inspired Vinnie from the 2016 Thomas The Tank Engine movie: the great race. 6321 is seen again, this time it is on a regular fast freight. Later it is seen again at Durand this time is making a meet with 6315 crossing the diamond. 6315 is having some mechanical issues. On a very fast 3 coach train, this short consist is being led by 4-6-2 number 5627 at The Grand Rapids subdivision, then comes 5621 with a boxcar and 2 coaches That is also running very quickly.

    From the GTW, we head to The DM&IR as Yellowstone 236 is on an ore train. Followed by 233 approaching Saginaw. Note the smoke bouncing at the electric wires overhead, as well as the yellow caboose on the rear. Later on, another Yellowstone type locomotive number 234 passes by the station, as it goes in the opposite direction. At sunset, 221 passes by the water towers. Later 231, departs the siding, and heads for the line. Afterwards, 234 is seen again, this time it is at an unknown location. In the same spot, 233 is seen again as well, this time it is facing the opposite direction. Not all caboose ms have to be red. All ore trains on The DM&IR always have cabooses painted yellow. Next 231 is passing by the station and semaphore signals. The first fan trip for The DM&IR ran on the day after America’s 182nd birthday (July 5, 1958) as Yellowstone 222 is making a run from Duluth to Two Harbors. Some service was done, and along the way, the 222 made a photo runby.

    The final 10 minutes of the program shows various excursions in the northern border. Beginning with CP 4-6-2 number 2663 as it pulls a train from Toronto to St. Gabriel Quebec On October 4, 1958. This trip was sponsored by the Canadian railroad historical association. Already leaving the big city behind, 2663 slowly turns to the bend for St. Gabriel. A water stop was made at Joliet, then 2663 resumes its trip to its destination, after it makes some photo runbys along the way. Arriving at St. Gabriel, 2663 has been turned on the wye, and heads for home. Afterwards another excursion is shown. This time its from Toronto to Hamilton Via Guelph Junction on August 30, 1958. An Alco S1 diesel is towing 1271, and future famous (one of Greg’s favorite steam stars) royal Hudson 2839. After the preparations, 1271 and 2839 are on a doubleheader. Some of these scenes from the 1958 trip were shown in 2839 a royal farewell part 1. The final Canadian Pacific fan trip is also pulled by a royal Hudson, but a different number: 2857. It is on a trip from Toronto to Port Mcnicoll on June 5, 1960. There is also a black and white version of the excursion that was shown in CPR steam the final chapter from 1990, but with the 3 engineers doing the narration. Meanwhile CN 4-8-4 number 6167 is also on a special form Toronto to niagra falls. The date is July 10, 1960. 6167 is passing by the yard as diesels are standing by for Service. Next 6167 is backing into Toronto union station. Down the line, 6167 makes a photo runby, at various locations along the way. This program was one of the 10 RI titles that were acquired by Greg Scholl in 2011.

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