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The Ohio Central has gained a reputation for expertise in restoring steam engines. Here we get to see a Grand Trunk Western 6325 brought back to operating condition.

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The Ohio Central has gained a reputation for expertise in restoring steam engines. Here we get to see a Grand Trunk Western 6325 brought back to operating condition. We begin with a bit of history of the 6325 and the 4-8-4 class of engines, as we watch the 6325 at the Ohio Central’s Morgan Run shops heading to the mainline for the test run. Also included are a few vintage scenes of Grand Trunk steam! The Ohio Central did its work in 2001, this video features two of the test runs in September, and 3 fall excursions in that first year back under steam. The first test run is to Dennison and return, with 6325 operating flawlessly with a short consist. Next we find ourselves along the Ohio Central with Chief Mechanical Officer Tim Sposato operating an Ohio Central Coal train, as we learn a little about Ohio Central freight operations and see the coal train. Then it is back to the 6325 and its last break-in run, this time with a 13 coach train. This operation had 6325 pulling the train from Dennison beyond Morgan run to Frazeysburg, and things went great. On September 22nd, the first public excursion was operated. The trip operated with the Ohio Central F-Units from Columbus to Denison, where 6325 was positioned for the return leg to Columbus. This trip went well and there is coverage from multiple cameras on this and the final weekend in October.

The final weekend in October featured another trip from Columbus, this time to Coshocton, with the 6325 handling the westbound portion once again. The engine performed flawlessly, including the dual runbys at Trinway which was a hit with all who witnessed them. These trips were sponsored by the Ohio Railway Museum. The next day, a Sunday, the Mahoning Valley Railway Group sponsored a trip from Dennison to Coshocton, Ohio. This was the first trip where 6325 would depart in the early morning. With cool weather and sunshine the morning portion was spectacular. The video ends with the arrival in Coshocton passing the depot and freight house. The 6325 is the largest operation engine in the eastern United States!

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3 reviews for 6325 Return to Steam

  1. Ron Harber

    Maintaining steam locomotives are not an easy job but Jerry Jacobson and his crew did an amazing job to bring one of the 4-8-4 steam engines back to life after retirement and put on amazing shows for everyone to enjoy. Great history and amazing first runs on the 6325

  2. 6325 fan

    This was very enjoyable to watch. It gave the history of 6325. Including the history in Battle Creek, Michigan. It was informative to see “who bought it”, what the mechanical problems were, how long it took to repair her. Finally she is back running the rails….with lots of great footage.

  3. Ricky

    Excellent scenery, Great Engine Despite its short lived, plus lots and lots of runbys that were Shot Before, During & After the 9-11-01 Attacks.

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