44 Years of 8444, UPDATED!

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From 844 to 8444 and back again! This is the story of the steamer never to be retired. Remastered. Updated with 2016 footage! Originally filmed in high definition with broadcast movie equipment, we can offer this in DVD and Blu-ray!

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Experience the complete story of 844/8444, the longtime pride of the Union Pacific Railroad. Relive 44 years of action with the only steam locomotive never to be retired. Witness the famous FEF-3 class Northern, a high-steppin’ 4-8-4, in passenger and freight service. Enjoy decades of excursion runs. Thrill to 8444’s triumphant return from the World’s Fair in New Orleans. See the 1990s “new” 8444 in beautiful two-tone gray paint. An extraordinary story all Union Pacific, and steam, fans will want to see. UPDATE: This remastered program now has 10 minutes of additional footage from 844’s return to steam in 2016 after a long shopping. See her in Denver and Cheyenne and in between!

Filmed in high definition in 1989 with broadcast movie equipment, we can offer this in DVD and Blu-ray! Filmed by Video Rails, Brought to you in a special digitally remastered edition by Pentrex in 2019 with additional footage by Highball Productions.

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2 reviews for 44 Years of 8444, UPDATED!

  1. Curtis Watson

    This was an excellent video following the post-1960 history of 844/8444. Would like an “updated” version with some scenes of 844/4014 in 2019 though.

  2. rickyfreni

    This is a complete look at the history of 844/8444. From early film of the locomotive in freight and passenger action to the excursion years and now even 10 minutes of new footage from 2016!We start with a montage of the unretired northern, UP 844 itself, as well as some film of 844’s sisters. Throughout the introduction, history of the actual northern is included, as well as more films which were later shown in the classic collectors series. The year is 1958 or 1959 as 844 doubleheads with one of the since been scrapped challenger 3820. Note the power in the background. Through the 70s, 844, now renumbered as 8444, powered various excursions and trains in Colorado and Wyoming. On some trips, the northern itself powers some specials in the snow. Also seen: 8444 doubleheading with Challenger 3985 to Sacramento in 1981. In 1990 the northern made 2 trips, one was the NRHS convention in St. Louis, the other for the 100th birthday of president Dwight D. Eisenhower. In 1991 it returns to Sacramento with an oil converted 3985, but it was also the final year the engine was operating in the 2 tone gray paint. The locomotive was rebuilt from 1992-1995 and returned to the rails in 1996 with its original black paint. 844 made various trips in the late 90s but after Railfair 1999 the locomotive was out of service again and back in the steam shop. 844 returns again in 2004 or 2005, this time with more than 10 year boiler tubes and flues. Union Pacific has committed to keep this beauty in service and so the engine was rebuilt in 2014 and returned to operation in 2016. This updated show includes 10 minutes of shiny new 844 in 2016!

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