20th Anniversary Daylight Combo: World’s Fair Daylight & Daylight to the Fair

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Relive the days of Rio Grande narrow gauge freight service aboard the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad. Join us in 1990 for an unusual 2-day excursion covering the entire line from Chama, New Mexico to Antonito, Colorado.

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Join Pentrex as we mark the 20th anniversary of one of railroading’s most notable events-the famed excursion of Southern Pacific’s beautiful Daylight 4449 steam locomotive and its matching trainset traveling from Portland, Oregon to the World’s Fair in New Orleans and back. In this commemorative Combo DVD, you will be treated to two outstanding documentaries, giving you complete coverage of that spectacular and historic event. And you get 15 minutes of bonus footage not seen anywhere else!

World’s Fair Daylight 1984 (60 Minutes)
Ride in the cab of Southern Pacific Daylight 4449 as the engineer and fireman put her through her paces across Arizona and New Mexico. Enjoy exciting aerial shots along the California coast as the Daylight speeds back to San Francisco. This award-winning program covers the Daylight and her 13 beautiful matched passenger cars from start to finish! (Produced by Video Rails in 1984)

By Daylight to the Fair (90 Minutes)
Pentrex cameras were on board and trackside to bring you the Daylight as it traversed every type of terrain from Portland down to Los Angeles, over to Phoenix, across Texas, and on into New Orleans for the World’s Fair. On the way you’ll pace alongside, ride aboard, and share the festivities with the enthusiastic crowds that greeted the train at every stop. (Produced by Pentrex in 1984; narration added in 2004)

Included are 15 minutes of bonus footage filmed by the Southern Pacific Railroad showing the Daylight on its way from Bakersfield to Los Angeles via Tehachapi Pass!

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5 reviews for 20th Anniversary Daylight Combo: World’s Fair Daylight & Daylight to the Fair

  1. collinvarney24

    My father and I love the Southern Pacific 4449 Daylight and it’s trip to New Orleans and back with the matching passenger cars. I believe that this would be an awesome video to be part of your collection.

  2. rickyfreni

    What a great combo DVD! In “World’s Fair Daylight” produced by Video Rails, The program starts with Donald Harris narrating a short montage of 8mm and 16mm film. A map of 4449’s journey is shown as the engine rolls through Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, And Louisiana. At a total run of 7000 miles round trip, it was the longest single steam excursion in American steam railroading history. After some quick repairs, it continues west to Tucson Arizona through the Deserts of Texas and New Mexico. A cab ride is included. Some scenes during the cab ride include from the top of the tender, and also out of the window on each side. After the cab ride, 4449 highballs through the desert. A brief slow motion clip of an extreme close up look at the piston valves are included as 4449 picks up the pace, and through the desert into California. It’s now time to head home to Portland.

    In “By Daylight to the Fair” there is a celebration going on at Portland union station before 4449 heads south and east to the world’s fair. Only Pentrex went there for the eastbound chase, while Video Rails, And Hopewell productions chased 4449 home. Multiple diesel helpers are included. Iconic Pentrex narrator Dave Drui added plenty of dialogue detailing 4449’s 7000 mile round trip journey. There is a bonus 15 minutes including silent 16mm film footage with dubbed audio and Dave’s narration as the locomotive is rolling through California.

  3. Steven

    Love it. The way #4449 looks with the matching trainset makes you want to have passenger trains like that to come back and la the younger generation see how luxury and comfort on trains have changed in the decades past

  4. asds

    a great video

  5. Adam Bass

    This DVD is packed with daylight action she is beautiful going across the country to the fair I highly recommend it

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