Kansas City Southern’s Holiday Express

Streamliner DVDsThe Kansas City Southern is going all-out for the holidays with it’s Holiday Express Train. This will be the 14th annual run for the special six-car train. The KCS will hand out over $150,000 in gift cards and gits on the 14 stop express tour.

This year the KCS has let everyone in on the fun with a web page that has the story behind the train and links to more information (like the scheduled stops it will make). It all begins on November 28th. Click here are the details from the KCS web site.

RailfanDepot can’t bring you the KCS Holiday Express, but we can bring you some history of the KCS. Take a look at these DVDs:
The Transcontinental Division.
Across the Meridian Subdivision.
Over Rich Mountain.
Trains on the Kansas City Southern Railway.