We really want to send you the free DVD! So we’ve made it as easy as possible to get the free DVD.

DVD-PNX-TTSPMake a purchase of ANY other DVD at $9.95 or more and then – on the cart page – use the coupon code FREETTSP. No need to add “Tough Times on the Southern Pacific” to your cart – the coupon will do it automatically as long as you have an item already in the cart for $9.95 or more.

Helpful stuff about coupons: Coupon codes are redeemed on the cart page, not the checkout page. You can always see your cart by using the floating cart on the right of the browser or using the link in the footer of every page. Because the system can only take one coupon at a time, no other coupons can be used if you use this coupon, including points redemption. However points DO accrue on any purchase and can be used next time you place an order.

Offer is good through December, 2017.

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