About: Diverging Clear Productions

Mary RaeDCP is the work of the only solo female producer that we know of, Mary Rae McPherson. Mary is the writer, editor, producer and one of the primary videographers. She graduated from the Radio/Television department of Southern Illinois University in Carbondale in 1999 where she specialized in audio production. In addition to her work at Diverging Clear, she is a conductor at Amtrak where she works the northern end of The City of New Orleans between Carbondale and Chicago.
Missouri Pacific Eagle
Her earliest memories of the railroad are of Illinois Central Gulf and Amtrak trains passing through her hometown of Carbondale. She first photographed trains at the age of nine and shot her first movie footage at age twelve, shooting Super 8mm film of Crab Orchard & Egyptian 2-8-0 #17. She concentrated on sound recordings until 2003, when she began shooting video.

So what is a Diverging Clear anyway? According to the General Code Of Operating Rules (Rule # 9.57), A Diverging Clear means: Proceed on diverging route, not exceeding prescribed speed through turnout.