Computers were supposed to make our life easier…

I am typing this at 4:00am on a Thursday morning. Not by choice. 🙂

I began to upgrade our shopping cart (to make it slightly more user friendly) early on Wednesday morning. I didn’t know it until Wednesday afternoon, but that was a mistake. Apparently I unchecked a checkbox that should have stayed checked. Customers found out before I did as a GIANT warning appeared when they tried to check out – saying the web site may not be who it said it was. Yikes! To say the least, this was not good… and it was really not good that I didn’t know it for more than 12 hours!

To be clear, no one was ever in any danger… we actually have a two-level SSL system, meaning that if one fails there is a back-up running at the master-server level and keeps everything safe. However, what I did (unknowingly) was turn OFF the first line of defense… and that triggered big red warning signs. Again, please understand if you saw that, there was no actual danger and we were all still protected, but because the first SSL did not fail, because I had inadvertently turned it off, your web browser (and mine!) did not know for sure who it was talking too.

Long story made short, especially for those who do not get into all the nuts and bolts of the Internet: I screwed up and made it appear that the web site was not protected – even though it was. The good news is that we are all good now and up and running. No data was ever in any danger. No one “hacked” us. I just unchecked a check box. Sigh.

Computer were supposed to make out life easier!