611 sounds great! And is on sale!

611 back in steam!A big milestone was passed this week in the latest restoration of the N&W 611 steam engine. 611 was fired up for the first time on Wednesday the 1st of April. She underwent several tests (including the leaky test shown here), but in the end it was all “good to go”. Trains Magazine has had excellent 611 coverage and that includes video! Click here to hear that 611 whistle. 🙂611 on DVD

In honor of her coming back to life, we have a special price on the best “Final” 611 video, when she was mothballed out of the NS Steam Program. She once again under steam, but is not mainline ready yet. This program preserves what was thought to be the “final chapter” in the operating history of Norfolk & Western 4-8-4 J Class locomotive No. 611. This is the 1994 “Final Excursion”.

This DVD is on sale for a limited time at $14.95 (with free shipping!).